30 Recipes to Celebrate The 4th of July

The long weekend is coming! This weekend we celebrate U.S. independence. How do we celebrate? With grilled foods of course and, fireworks! I have gathered 30 recipes to help you celebrate The 4th of July right! Dust off those grills and get ready to celebrate! Teriyaki Piña Colada Burger, Oh Sweet Basil Thai Peanut Butter… 

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One Pot Creamy Pasta | A simple and savory pasta sure to please the whole family. | TheNoshery.com - @TheNoshery

Chicken and Artichoke One Pot Pasta

Before the holidays and before, I got in the car and drove half way across the country I was working hard to get things done. I had work to do; clothes to clean and pack and errands to run. It was a string of non-stop days. In the midst of all of this busyness, I… 

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Spiced Ancient Grain Cereal 33

Spiced Ancient Grain Hot Cereal

I know that 2015 officially started on January 1 (obviously) but, I don’t mentally start the year until the first Monday of the New Year. Call it procrastinating or being in denial but, it’s how I roll. It’s like diets. Diets always start on Monday. There is something about the new year that gives you… 

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Top 10

Top 10 Posts of 2014

  Today is the last day of 2014. *mind blown* Some days drag on and then suddenly it’s the last day of 2014. Tomorrow we will wake up to a new year. The new year normally does two things. It will compel you to do better or be better. Which, ultimately makes you look back on… 

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new year's eve appetizers

Get the Party Started Appetizers

The end of the year approaches. January 1st is when many of us write out a list of resolutions of things we want to do better or how we want to look better. But, before the list writing begins 2014 deserves a proper send off. Today I collected some of my favorite appetizers to help… 

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Cheddar, Apple & Rosemary Crackers - TheNoshery.com

Cheddar Cheese Crackers with Apple and Rosemary

Christmas has come and gone and it’s time to trade that Santa hat for a PAR-TAY hat and some noise makers.   I am talking New Year’s Eve! New Year’s Eve parties are all about small bites, nibbles, cocktails and bubbly. It’s also about unknowingly doing your best “Elaine dance” and praying that everyones phone suddenly… 

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Arroz con Gandules (Rice & Pigeon Peas) | TheNoshery.com - @thenoshery

Arroz con Gandules (Rice and Pigeon Peas)

We arrived in Florida on Friday night to spend Christmas with OB’s family.  While having lunch, there was mention that there may not be arroz con gandules for Christmas Eve dinner. A resounding exclamation of “WHAT!” came out of OB’s and my mouth. This cannot be permitted! You must understand that Christmas isn’t Christmas without arroz… 

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Pernil (Puerto Rican Roasted Pork Shoulder)

Roasted Pernil (Puerto Rican Roast Pork)

There are rankings when it comes to proteins in Puerto Rico and in Puerto Rico pork is king, followed by chicken, beef and rabbit is tossed in there somewhere. But, there is no doubt that pork is the most loved.  In fact there is a whole area in the mountains of Cayey called Guavate where… 

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Apple Rum Cake  Apple Rum Cake with Apple Cider Caramel - TheNoshery.com

Spiced Rum Apple Cake with Apple Cider Caramel Glaze

These are mini rum cakes, but not just plain mini rum cakes, but apple spiced mini rum cakes with apple cider caramel sauce. When I first made these little cakes, I diced the apples, but it made the cake lumpy. They were tasty, but lumpy and very difficult to remove from the pan. Round two… 

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Flan de Queso | TheNoshery.com - @thenoshery

Flan de Queso (Cheese Flan)

A while back I did a pumpkin flan for Thanksgiving. This time I though I would share my favorite flan for Christmas. There is no doubt that if you attend a Puerto Rican Christmas party or dinner you will find flan on the table. Christmas is the season of giving and sharing but, you will probably… 

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Kitchen Essentials Gift Guide - Must Haves for Every Home Cook | TheNoshery.com - @thenoshery | @JCPenney #jcpambassador #bh #ad #giftguide

Kitchen Essentials Gift Guide

The season of giving is in full swing! Now the trick is to figure out what to give. Some people (like me) are naturally good gifters (*toot, toot!*), some people need a little help, and some people need a lot of help. Not to point any fingers but, I live with someone that is totally dependent… 

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