Peanut Butter, Honey & Banana Stuffed Almond Crusted French Toast

Peanut Butter, Banana & Honey Stuffed Almond Crusted French Toast

Weeknights can be crazy sometimes they can be downright insane. Many times after a full days work, be it in the office or attempting to clean the house while keeping little ones busy, it’s hard to find that final push to make dinner. All of us are looking for ways to make life easier and… 

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Spanish Hot Chocolate and Coconut Churros

Spanish Hot Chocolate with Coconut Churros

This recipe has been on my to-do list FOREVER! I can’t even remember how long it has been. Many moons ago when I had cable I was watching some show on the Cooking Channel about living in Spain.  I was immediately glued to the television.  I love anything Spain! My biggest dream is to go… 

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Chewy Chocolate Chip Gingersnaps 1

Chewy Gingersnap and Chocolate Chip with Spiced Rum Glaze | Food Bloggers Cookie Swap

Did you know that, on December 2 2013, hundreds of food bloggers from different countries swap cookies?  Packages filled with delicious cookies crossed countries and oceans to arrive at doorsteps and be devoured.   This isn’t the first time this phenomenon has happened.  It has been happening since 2011. All of these bloggers (including myself)… 

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Chocolate Truffle Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches -

Chocolate Truffle Cookie Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwiches with Dreyer’s Ice Cream

Psssst!  You’re smiling….. Who doesn’t smile when getting a big bowl of ridiculously creamy ice?  Even more so if said ice cream is sandwiched between two rich chocolate truffle cookies!  Make that ice cream Dreyer’s Slow Churned Limited Edition Peppermint Wonderland and you might as well pass out, with a big fat grin on your… 

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Honey & Coconut Tea Cakes with Pomegranate - by

Mini Honey Coconut Cakes with Pomegranate

I’m not really a baker, except when Christmas is around the corner. Then I get my entire baking quota in for the year. While I was at the store, I got my hands on a big beautiful pomegranate. I took it home not knowing what I was going to do with it, although I was… 

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Spanish Bean Soup - by

Spanish Bean Soup

Soup! I LOVE SOUP! Chickpeas!  I LOVE CHICKPEAS! Lamp! I LOVE LAMP! (Name that movie) I love this soup!  Am I getting obnoxious yet? The temperature drops, white stuff falls from the sky and the sun starts setting a 5 pm.  It’s time for soup!  On a cold day I like to curl-up with a… 

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gift guide feature

Kitchen Addict Gift Guide with Luvocracy

* This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy. It’s time to buy stuff! Not just any kind of stuff, but awesome stuff! Christmas gift stuff! If you have a kitchen addict in your house, I have a great gift guide for you!  It has a little bit of everything, practical stuff,… 

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Cranberry Sauce - by

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! So, it’s Thanksgiving Eve and you have been invited to someone’s house.  Which is great but, you still haven’t decided what to bring.  Might I suggest some homemade whole berry cranberry sauce? It’s crazy easy and easier to make your own. I have spent many Thanksgivings away from home, instead attending Thanksgiving… 

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Rum Cake Lable

Spiced Rum Apple Cake with Apple Cider Caramel Glaze + Giveaway!

Today I am over at Southern Fairytale sharing some pretty sweet Mini Apple Spiced Rum Cakes with Apple Cider Caramel Glaze for Bake, Craft & Sew-along. Who’s not going to love you after getting one of these babies?  Pass these around to your neighbors, friends, family or co-workers and you will be the most popular… 

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Rustic Beef & Mushroom Farro Soup -

Rustic Beef, Mushroom and Farro Soup with Homemade Beef Stock

Tis the season for hearty yummy soups!  With the cold weather rolling in it’s the perfect time to curl up with a big bowl of hot hearty soup and a side of crusty bread. This weekend OB and I checked out the Dallas Farmer’s Market in downtown Dallas.  It’s HUGH!  A big change from the… 

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