Coconut & Green Tea Ice Cream

Coconut & Green Tea Ice Cream

Ice cream is awesome! Homemade ice cream is awesomer! Yes, homemade ice cream can be somewhat time-consuming, but allow me to explain why it’s worth the effort and awesomer than store-bought ice cream. (I am fully aware that “awesomer” is technically not a word.) Creaminess to the max! Peanut butter swirl with pickles? Ok! Because you… 

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Puerto Rican Fried Rice

Puerto Rican “Fried Rice”

There is just two of us in our little house, which results in a lot of leftovers sometimes.  Especially when it comes to rice. We like rice, no we love rice.  Rice is to Puerto Ricans what potatoes are to Americans. Growing up in a Puerto Rican home the standard meal was rice, beans and… 

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Technology: Then and Now

Hello my name is Meseidy and I am a technology junkie.  This is no joke I am obsessed with technology! Technology has become a part of our everyday lives.  From checking social media to keeping in touch with friend and family to using apps or GPS to get around a new town. It’s hard to… 

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Spicy Beef and Peppers

Spicy Beef and Peppers “Take-Out”

I am allergic to the phone. Seriously, this is a real thing. Right? Phone talking allergies? I hate making phone calls! Talking on the phone is the worst. Honestly, the thought of it sometimes makes me want to throw a tantrum. Love text messages hate talking on the phone and voicemail. Voicemail is the worst!… 

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Five Tips for Assembling A Vintage Bar

My husband and I like to remember the first barbecue of summer 2009. We were drinking Red Bull and Olde English malt liquor and grilling hotdogs at our friend Adam’s apartment. Another friend, Jarrel, the great proclaimer, reacted to something that made him happy by saying, “Looks right, feels right.” The official mantra of our… 

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Share the Love Saturday

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream announces a new line of ice cream that has two ice cream flavor halves and a core flavor center. Core flavors like jelly, hazelnut fudge, salted caramel and peanut butter fudge.  Gimme! Rum cake lovers! Get yo-self a slice of this Vanilla Bean Rum Bundt Cake! It has a rum… 

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10 days of Pure Barre

It may sound odd as a blogger, but I struggle with sharing. Sometimes I will hold back because I think to myself, “Why would they care?”. This is a primarily a food blog you come here to see food. So, sometimes I debate sharing anything else other than food. However, recently I have been very… 

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Pallet & Shims Wall Art

Pallet and Shims Wall Art

A few weeks back I did a shim sunburst mirror project. Apparently I got shim fever because a few weeks later I got another project idea to do with shims. In my master bedroom next to the closet door was a bare wall with a lonely chair.  The wall has stayed bared for some time… 

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Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower Pizza Crust with Cheese Tortellini

This weekend was GORGEOUS!  Sunny skies and a comfortable 73 degrees.  I apologize to those of you still buried under snow.  I’m not trying to rub it in, it’s an unfortunate side effect. On that note…it was freaking awesome this weekend! OB and I ran around town and finished our Saturday with a long hike…. 

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Lemon Pie

Civil War Project – I Should Have Known Better Lemon Pie

After my complete and total failure at Lemon Ginger Bread I though I would give baking from my Civil War Recipes Cookbook another try. I thought I would stick with the lemon theme but, try a pie instead.  I usually have better luck with pies. Also, I LOVE lemon desserts. Overall this recipe was a… 

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