Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce - by TheNoshery.com

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! So, it’s Thanksgiving Eve and you have been invited to someone’s house.  Which is great but, you still haven’t decided what to bring.  Might I suggest some homemade whole berry cranberry sauce? It’s crazy easy and easier to make your own. I have spent many Thanksgivings away from home, instead attending Thanksgiving… 

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Thanksgiving Dressing: My Mami’s Dressing

Dressing 40

Funny, I never called dressing, dressing until we moved to Georgia when I was a kid.  I remember being very confused when my friends at school would call it dressing.  I always though of dressing as salad dressing.  You know ranch…thousand island?  I also had a though of the turkey wearing a dress, but I… 

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Savory Bread Pudding

Savory Bread Pudding | TheNoshery.com | #thanksgiving #side

The Christmas party circuit has begun. All of the sudden, you turn around, look at your calendar and realize that you have something going on almost every weekend.  I would bet there is a lot of food involved, too.  Cookie parties, recipe exchanges, progressive dinners, potlucks — you name it, it’s happening somewhere. Last week… 

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Rosemary & Havarti Sweet Potato Torte

Sweet Potato Torte 11

Potatoes are pretty awesome. Potatoes with butter are awesomer. Potatoes with butter and cream are awesomest. Sweet potatoes with butter, cream, rosemary and havarti cheese are awesomerest.  I know awesomerest isn’t a word but this is my blog and I can make up words if I want to.  But don’t tell Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, they’ll probably send… 

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