Playing with Floor Plans


This past weekend was our first weekend of getting reading for our crazy adventure. We dropped Bonnie (the camper) off for repairs and went though all the closets, including our clothes and shoes. It’s a good thing that I happen to be someone that loves to get rid of stuff. In fact, I can get… 

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Small House Dreaming

dream small.jpg

If you read The Noshery regularly, you may have noticed a new link in the menu called “dream small project” and wondered what it meant. You may have even clicked on it only to end up finding a single post of the camper we redid late last year and no explanation about the dream small… 

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Vintage Camper turned Glamper – DIY Renovation

glamper, diy, before & after, camper, decor, small space

***UPDATE – 8/1/14*** We’ve decided to borrow the same idea that many others have used since the housing crash and dream small. OB and I have decided to start the process of downsizing and move into 200 square-feet for the next 2 years. Yes, you read that correctly, OB, the dogs and I are going to move into 200 sqft… 

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