Flan de Calabaza (Pumpkin Flan)

Flan de Calabasa (Pumpkin Flan) | TheNoshery.com

The Thanksgiving table is a parade of sides, and the grand marshall is the turkey, but what about dessert? The Thanksgiving dessert table many times is a collection of pies, pecan and pumpkin being the most popular but, have you ever tried flan for Thanksgiving?  Every Thanksgiving of my life, flan has made an appearance…. 

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Barriguitas de Vieja ( Pumpkin Fritters )

pumpkin fritters 94

Pumpkin is everywhere!  Literally!  Go to the stores and you will see the aisles filled with pumpkin butter, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soda, pumpkin pasta sauce and of course the always anticipated pumpkin spice latte.  I though I would do a little pumpkin-ing myself, but this isn’t your traditional pumpkin recipe.   Actually if we are… 

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Fall Pumpkin Line Up

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This morning I woke up to 58 degrees and rainy.  Fall is creeping in and I could not be happier. I was going to work on a post about exotic fruit but this weather doesn’t make me think of exotic tropical fruits.  Today is more of a cozy pajama pant and favorite pumpkin recipe day. Today I… 

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