Playing with Floor Plans

After a few delays we are finally hitting the road with Bonnie in tow.
This past weekend was our first weekend of getting reading for our crazy adventure. We dropped Bonnie (the camper) off for repairs and went though all the closets, including our clothes and shoes. It’s a good thing that I happen to be someone that loves to get rid of stuff. In fact, I can get a little stuff tossing happy. OB has to be careful not to leave “stuff” out for too long, or I will get rid of it. I cannot stand clutter, and I have no issues with selling, donating or tossing stuff.  In fact, the more we went though our things, the more excited I got. Every time I put my hand on an item I had to take a moment and really think whether or not I NEEDED it.  Of course there are sentimental items that you hold on to and cherish, but do I really need 6 coats (I always wear the same one), 10 pairs of black heels (I wear heels maybe twice a year) or a HUGE box filled with Christmas wrapping paper and bags (it’s just us and the dogs)?

Day 1. Going through all the closets. Starting the sell pile.
As we continue to make steps to move into approximately 150 square-feet, I get more and more excited! Of course, we are not getting rid of everything. Something will go into storage, but the goal is to store only what is most necessary. For example, we won’t have enough room in the camper to keep all of our clothes, they will have to be rotated according to the season. There will be challenges, but we are excited about the challenge. We really want to prove to ourselves that we can do it!

I found this online floor planning tool the other night and thought that it would be fine to make an initial floor plan for what we hope to build in the future. Then two or more years from now we can look back and see how things changed and stayed the same.


I have no architectural or structural skills so many things are probably off on this layout, but this is a good representation of what I have in my head. It’s pretty much what I mentioned in my first post. Built in furniture with hidden storage, open kitchen/dining/living area, bookcases, murphy bed, pull out closet and a large loft. I am on the fence about the storage loft over the kitchen. I don’t like the idea if it is breaking up the vertical space, but nothing is set in stone until we build. These are just sketches of dreams. If you would like to see a 3D version, you can see it here. Fair warning it may be wonky. 😀

Between today, and the day we finally get around to building many things may change. Who knows we may find a plot of land with a small structure on it and just do a total remodel. There are no absolutes in that department yet, but what is for sure is we are moving into the camper in 59 days! EEK!


  1. Allison says

    I’m so glad I stumbled on your website. Initially, I was looking at the camper remodel and then discovered you are building a house. My husband and I started on this same adventure two years ago. We bought a 30 foot travel trailer and moved in (with the dog.) We are currently building a 720 square foot home. The only thing I have in storage is my big pieces of furniture (couch, bed frame, chest of drawers, etc..). We also rotate seasonally through clothes. My advice on that hurdle is to buy acid free storage bins (target right after Christmas is a bargain on those things…) I have two. One for me and one for the hubby. I live in south Texas so we don’t have crazy winters, but the few winter clothes we do have get stored about 9 months out of the year. I put the totes underneath my bed in the trailer. Just a thought on that. People think we are crazy and don’t understand how we don’t need more space than that, but you end up adapting in a weird way to your travel trailer home. It takes some organization and creative storage solutions, but is well worth the money saved. And, look on the bright side, you can clean your whole house in about an hour. Happy glamping!! Oh, and your house plan is adorable!

  2. says

    oh how I love that you are doing this! I’ll be living small house dreams through your excitement. (and I won’t have to deal with three kids in a teeny space either!) I think this is going to be amazing for you guys! And you can feel free to pick up and bring your house to visit anytime you like. 😉

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