What’s in Season?

fruits & veg A few weeks back I was out to dinner with some fellow bloggers at a great seasonal restaurant called Seasons 52. One of their feature items that evening was a beautiful steamed whole branzino with meyer lemon.  This lead into a short discussion about if meyer lemon was still in season.  There are many times that I have engaged in conversation with fellow foodies getting excited about a fruit or vegetable that is coming into season. Getting fruits and vegetable when they are in their peak season also means that they are at their peak flavor.

With summer here, which brings an abundance of fruits and vegetables, I thought I’d make some graphics breaking down when fruits and vegetables are in season.  Another great benefit to knowing the seasons is knowing what pairs well together.  A general rule is that whatever is in season at the same time will pairs well.

Now go eat your fruits and vegetables.

Vegetable Seasons

Seasons Fruit


  1. says

    These are gorgeous! I hope you don’t mind, I posted these on my site with a link back to yours! I’ve just never seen such cute seasonal produce charts before! :)

    • Mary says

      Terrific info. II live in TN and am not familiar with tayberries. What are they? I’ve never seen them.

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