DC Roadtrip

DC Roadtrip 2013

Do you remember me mentioning before that OB & I were going on a long, long, long road trip with my parental units?  Well we made it into our first destination, Washington, DC. We left Tulsa, OK on Friday morning, drove 11-ish hours to Knoxville, TN to crash and let our butts regain consciousness.  Then… 

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Austin or Bust


Where have you been? Ok it’s more like where have I been?  Most recently I was in Austin on a mini-holiday vaca. “Mini-holiday vaca” is not really a term I use but it makes our pre-anniversary 8 hour road-trip to Austin in a Ford F-250 sound more fru-fru. Just humor me. On the trip down to… 

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20 Hours and 1,194 Miles


Last week the program director called the entire school into the restaurant for an announcement, of course when the “big dog” calls everyone together for an unexpected announcement the worst is expected.  Luckily enough it turned out to be good news…no, it was great news.  Our director informed us that the program was moving to… 

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Mini Getaway Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs 2011 150

I had every intention of cooking up something delicious and awesome this weekend for you, but on Saturday morning my lovely husband proposed a mini-getaway and the cooking plans got put on the back burner.  Since I started classes and my vacation time is limited, so when I got this Monday off we decided to… 

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Off to Sunny Florida


Actually I have been told it may not be so sunny when we get their.  Apparently they are expecting rain for the next week. We are fly out tomorrow morning to Florida to visit family and go to the beach.  Ahhh how I miss the beach.  I will be toting my camera and laptop with… 

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Back From the Mountains


Well I am back and in one piece….almost. First I was surprised to find out that this little cabin was in fact in the mountains. Who knew there were mountains in Oklahoma? We arrived at our very charming little cabin on Monday afternoon.  Here check out our cabin ain’t it cute?   Here let me… 

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