Tomato & Potato Gratiné

Tomato & Potato Gratin

This is a tomato & potato gratin or a tomahto & potahto gratiné. Do you say tomato or tomohto, potato or potahto, gratiné or gratin…let’s call the whole thing off. It’s interesting how people can speak the same language, but use different words for the same thing or pronounce them differently.  I guess that is a dialect? For example… 

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Tomato & Butter Sauce


Things around here got a little crazy for a bit with crazy margins, dropping sidebars and font so light in color it might as well have been invisible.  Thanks for putting up with me and my crazyness, you guys rock the house. *Doing crazy 80’s rock hand gesture while teasing hair and gassing myself with… 

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Roasted Tomato Sauce

I am currently getting Obed and I ready for our birthday celebration vacation to Denver.  I had some pizza dough in the freezer, so last night I decided that I was going to whip together a pizza for dinner.  After a fierce battle over pizza with sauce vs. no sauce, I decided to surrendered.  I like… 

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Italian Sausage with Saucy White Beans

I have been dragging my feet about posting this recipe.  Unfortunately it is due to my own vanity.  There is nothing wrong with this dish, in fact it is incredibly tasty.  The reason I was dragging my feet is because I was not happy with the pictures I took.  However I decided my photography insecurites is… 

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Spicy Tomato Shrimp with Creamy Polenta

 Ahhhhh…the heavens have opened and I have found a new love.  For awhile now I have been curious about polenta but it was usually mentioned hand-in-hand with grits.   This made me hesitant and it was little bit of a turned off, because it was compared in likeness to grits and I hate grits.  I know to some people that may… 

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