Vintage Camper turned Glamper – DIY Renovation

Vintage Camper Before and After | Vintage 1972 Arrow Flite camper turned glamper. DIY renovation. Modern details. Wood vinyl floors. Yellow, white and grey palette. | - @thenoshery

***UPDATE – 9/18/14***

We’ve decided to borrow the same idea that many others have used since the housing crash and dream small. OB and I have downsized and move into our 150 square-feet for the next 2 years. Yes, you read that correctly, OB, the dogs and I now live in 150 sqft or more specifically the camper for the next 2 years. We will spend the next two years mega saving eventually to build a small house that can accommodate us and our family in the future. Follow our adventure under the dream small project section of The Noshery. 


Little Home Tour


Well we are finally done with the mini-redo.  Which, when we began the project, I thought was going to be mini-er than it turned out to be.  We put a lot of sweat and tears into this lady, and  I am so excited to share with you what we have done.

Glamper 1 (1)

First there were some repairs needed.  My handy hubby was right on it.

Glamper 464

He replaced a damaged panel with a brand new panel.

Glamper 469

He also replaced the window sills which were damaged after 40 years in the sun.

Glamper 468

Then we had an unexpected and unpleasant surprise.  We had just had a brand new air conditioning unit installed.  The condensation from the air conditioner made its way to a vent and leaked into the camper.  Apparently the vent’s seal had deteriorated causing a leak.

Glamper 478

We had to pull the refrigerator out into the middle of the “room” to clean the mess the leak had made.

Glamper 477

Handy hubby quickly climbed on top of the aluminum camper in the middle of a late summer day to repair the vent’s seal.

Glamper 481

Finally after a week the interior was painted and ready for the doors to be hung.

Glamper 472

Then the floors where ready to be put down.  This part took us awhile because we had to stop in the middle of installing to go on a road trip vacation with my parental units.

Glamper 494

Finally after a lot of time, sweat and a trip to Ikea while in Dallas, the camper was ready. Do you want to see it?  Because I think it’s pretty freaking awesome.

Here is a before of the dining area.  Lovely dark wood paneling, dated light fixtures and sad grey vinyl floors.


Glamper 1

Of course I can’t forget to mention the black worn & torn benches.

Glamper 3 (1)

TADA!!!  Same space after the redo! Brand new paint, new floor, new window treatments, new light fixtures and upholstered benches.  I developed some serious nail gun stapling skills, let me tell you.


After 2


Before & After 3


Her you can see it from another angle.  So bright and cheery!

After 6

Let’s now move into the kitchen, just 1/2 a step away from the dining area. Besides that fact that the kitchen needed painting.  I desperately wanted to rip the room divider curtain down.  It was just dingy and yucky.   Also the light fixture over the sink was insanely huge for the space!


Glamper 2

We replaced the divider with a chevron print curtain and got a more low profiled light fixture.


After 7



Before & After 4

The range needed a good cleaning and polishing.


Glamper 3

Using a Brillo pad, stainless steel polish and some hardcore elbow grease , I shined it up as best I could.


After 10


Before & After 5

In order to keep the kitchen as organized as possible I decided to store some frequently used items out, but off the counter.

After 8

The must have little coffee station.

After 14

On the wall I mounted a magnetic strip for knives and a rod to hang cooking utensils.

After 12

Now, let’s go through the door and into the bedroom.   The most important thing about the bedroom was a new mattress.  I think the one it came with may very well have been the original mattress.  I might be being dramatic, but it wouldn’t surprise me.


Glamper 7

Now check out our cozy camper boudoir. Although we are still in search of the right light fixture. I wanted something as a “headboard”, but space is limited and thinks easily fall of the walls. I opted for a vinyl decal to decorate the head of the bed. The bedding is all from Target, and I am in love with the jersey quilt.


After 11


Before & After 6

Here is the view from the bedroom into the living space.  We’re considering hanging a small flat screen tv at the foot of the bed, mounted on an arm that can be pulled out and be visible from the living space.

After 30

The vanity area across from the bed.


Glamper 8


After 20


Before & After 7

Finally the bathroom with the very scary shower curtain.


Glamper 9

New shower curtain, new bath accessories and new vanity light.  We are still trying to figure out the mirror situation, so for now we have this little square mirror on the wall that we have to take down during transport.


After 28

After 27


Before & After 8

Finally there is the small storage area right off from the bathroom.


Glamper 11

A curtain was the perfect solution to covering it up.


After 25

I also got some baskets to help keep the space organized.

After 22


Before & After 10

After we finished with the camper, we just sat in it for over an hour enjoying all the hard work we had done.   May goal was to brighten it up and make it homey.  Homey and comfortable are important since the camper could very possibly be our temporary home if we don’t find a house in Dallas. I hope you like it as much as we do!


  1. Traci says

    Love it!! Great work :). Do you mind sharing how you painted all the vinyl walls/cupboards? Did you just sand and paint? Thank you!

  2. Suzanne from Montreal< Canada says

    Love what you did … I’m about to do the same with our ” country ” Texas look rv, and turn it into a Holliday Inn look … to bad I cannot post my before and after on you page .. but I could send you an email if you want … anyway … just want to share that you and Hubby did a great job

  3. Kathy N. says

    You did a great job. My husband and I have done a few remodels and I so wish we had the before pictures. Some people may think it is silly but you bond with the what you put you personal touches into, I guess a sense of pride.

  4. Ashley Hansen says

    So beautiful, I love it! How long approximately did it take y’all to finish it up My husband, kids and I are going to be living in our travel trailer for 6 months, and I am trying to get it live-able for May! Truly amazing job :) OOH, also, did you just paint right over the siding? We have wallpaper stuff in ours, and not sure if it would look as nice, or work as well.

  5. Erica says

    Hi, your rv looks lovely!
    Can you tell me where you found the fabric for your yellow curtains? Also, where did you find the curtain rods to hang it?
    Thank you!

    • says

      The first curtains i madr myself but, in the latest update i got tracks and curtains from IKEA and just hemmed the curtains. Their track system has worked great!

  6. Kelly Garcia says

    We have a new camper just for recreation and your redo far out does ours in functionality and décor. Wonderful Job!!

  7. Heidi says

    You created such a lovely, cheery space for the two of you. I guess by now you have been living in it for awhile. Any new changes or ideas on how to live in a trailer for a length of time?

  8. AmandaG says

    So inspirational! I am trying to talk my better half into doing exactly the same thing. LOVE your before and after pictures.

  9. Kim says

    Soooooo pretty! We are currently looking at doing a similar remodel and I was having such a hard time with the yellow toilet/shower in the bathroom, you totally nailed it!

  10. JoAnn says

    This is SO amazingly awesome! I just bought a hideous 1976 Terry trailer (my first) and was browsing for ideas to pretty it up. I was shocked to see you have the exact same layout as I do. Amazing job! I’m so inspired now. :) Thank you!


  11. Shelby says

    This is so beautiful! I am about to renovate a travel trailer myself. May I ask about how much you ended up spending on all the renovations? You can send me an email if you’d like to keep that info more private. Thanks so much!

  12. Mary Morrison says

    Your reno is the best I have seen. You have given me many ideas to use on my 97 GeorgieBoy Class C.
    I can’t help but wonder what the original designers were thinking when they decorate these things.

    Good luck and happy camping.

  13. Suzy says

    I love love love this trailer! You guys did a fantastic job. What year is the trailer and what kind is it?

    • says

      It’s a 1972 ArrowFlite. It was actually made by a mobile home company in Broken Arrow, OK so, it’s build on a mobile home frame. Super sturdy!

  14. says

    Hi!! I’m re doing my camper too! Wondering about lighting! How did u replace the fixtures? Particularly the kitchen one? Did u need soeical light bulbs for the others? Thanks in advance :)

  15. says

    Fantastic job, and a DIY to boot, the touch of genius was that shower curtain to take the dated color ceramics and up-date them to today and beyond. Bed is inviting, kitchen table needs a bouquet of flowers to finish it off!

  16. says


    Fantastic job! I am in the process of revamping a caravan and I was wondering with the wood panelled cupboards etc did you paint straight over the top or rip the surface layer off and paint it? Any advice would be AMAZING!!

    • says

      We painted straight on to the paneling, but our paneling was textured not smooth. It all depends on what kind of paneling your dealing with, I would suggest maybe doing a test on a door. Also, we used Behr PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA with paint and primer in one.

  17. Emily says

    Hey my husband and I just bought a 1983 camper and its got the ugly old paneling look, and u=I would really like to paint over it but I have no clue what to use, whats the best to use without having to tear the walls off and putting up something different??? Thanks, your camper looks great by the way

  18. Jesse says

    Oh. my. goodness. So, so cute. What a great makeover. I don’t usually comment when I browse these type of posts, but you did such a great job. What a great space.

  19. says

    This is fantastic, Meseidy!! I am thrilled for you. We’ve been talking about doing something similar for a while now and this is so exciting to see finished. What fun! I love it. You guys did an amazing job!

  20. says

    This is soooooooooooooooo adorable and thanks so much for sharing. I have been thinking of what to do with a 1975 Rancho Del Rey and it’s brown paneling and now I can see how great the paint job (what I wanted to do but wasn’t sure) willl look!

    Awesome remodel, have fun with it, Molly

  21. jon says

    Hi there, great work, how many square feet is your camper, wife and I are going to do a similar project. What was the cost like?

  22. says

    Hi Meseidy,

    Your renovation is beautiful! I love everything! It is amazing how much a little color changes everything in those old panel campers! You and your husband did a wonderful job!

    Quick suggestion… if the bathroom toilet, tub, sink is plastic (like I believe it is), pickup a few cans of plastic spray paint and get rid of the yellow. It will make a world of difference. Do you know what kind of paint I am talking about? The kind that is specifically for painting plastic. I think you can do it all in less than 2-3 cans MAX! My husband has used it to spray paint sinks and tubs in older mobile home remodels and it makes such a huge difference. :)

    Otherwise, I’m in LOVE and can’t wait to do one myself!

    Happy Travels,

    Drive Me Crazy Family Adventure

    P.S. We have the same blanket and it is the softest blanket I have ever used…bought it for my teen son and I steal it every chance I get! lol

    • Heather F says

      Thanks for suggesting painting the tub/shower. I have thought about doing that, but was not sure how it would work!! Now I am going to do it!!

  23. says

    Meseidy, I love what you did with your camper. I am about 90% finished with a 72 Frolic. Now known as the Pink Paradise. In fact, I’m so close to being done with it that I’m looking for my next project :) We had to do some major rehab in our bathroom which slowed us down a bit. If you have a minute check her out – she’s on my blog. Lot’s of before and afters. I’m also looking for camper remodel stories to share on my blog if you’re interested??

  24. Megan says

    We are in the process of renovating our camper! Our walls are similar to your previous walls. Any specific paint you used? We are going to paint the walls and cabinets as well.

  25. Catherine says

    We bought a older22′ trailer last summer and have made some changes but you have now inspired me! The great part about redo’s is it’s your own taste! not cookie cuttered! Thanks for the Ideas!

  26. says

    Love, love, love what you’ve done. We have a new little camper and I’m trying to paint it. The primer is beading up. Can you tell me what kind of paint you used? Enjoy your new baby and I hope we meet on the road some day.

  27. Jeannie says

    Fantastic makeover on your ‘minihome on wheels’! Your color choice makes it looks so spacious and very comfy. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Amy says

    This is fantastic!! We love to camp and are in the market for a “new to us” camper. Your remodel is an inspiration and opens up a larger shopping market for our new camper. Hubby is very handy and these pictures demonstrate what can be done. Thanks for being the push we needed! Happy camping!

  29. says

    Standing ovation, damn y’all killed that project! You should submit that to Family Handyman. I love how you kept the retro feel while still modernizing it.

  30. says

    Beautiful job – love what you have done to brighten, clean and make it your own. May it keep you cozy and safe. FYI- I noted the chip in the bath sink (sorry). I had a chip just like that. One day I grabbed my acrylics and started mixing colors. I finally got what seemed just the right shade, keeping in mind that acrylics dry a tad darker. I thinly applied several light coats and hit it w my blow dryer between each one. I allowed it to cure and then applied several light coats of clear nail polish. The chip “disappeared” and despite thinking otherwise, I never had to retouch it again. Thanks for sharing!! Adorable and good luck house hunting!!

  31. Yajaira says

    Felicidades! The job you guys did is amazing!! It looks from a magazine! Enjoy it and good luck with house hunting.

  32. Shauna says

    AMAZING Work! I am IMPRESSED! Meseidy, you not only are an amazing chef, but you have super skillz at decorating! Beautiful, classy and charming, all in one package!

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