Decorating with Pattern

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For a girl who fancies herself a minimalist and always wears solid colors, I sure have a lot of patterns in my home. Color everywhere. Patterns and textures living it up like a party in my living room. How do purple, red, blue, hot pink and green live together in harmony?

When it comes to this room and our home, my husband and I are like arrogant cowboys and cowgirls flinging sense to the wind and working from a guttural belief that the things we love will instinctively just go together. We ride this decorating philosophy hard, and I’ve felt disturbed that I am comfortable with so much going on in my space. I’ve spent some time trying to put my finger on why it all works, and while it takes some of the romantic intrigue out of it, it’s become clear there are some underlying explanations for the wild cowboy approach.

Decorating with Pattern - @RetroDenTulsa

Living large? Keep it simple. The large herringbone wall pattern is offset by surrounding simplicity. Just some natural wood pieces. Since it is so big, we also did it in neutral grays and white.

While both photos are in view, see how the wall pattern, the rug pattern and blanket pattern all have roots in the classic zig-zag?

Decorating with Pattern - @RetroDenTulsa

Patterned pieces can justify a wide use of color. Since this wall is plain, I tossed a rainbow of hues on it. I didn’t mean to be this girl, but can’t seem to help myself; I just love colors. Clean furniture lines lend calm, while the colors are dispersed wildly to weave a purposeful tapestry.

If you want a piece in your home, just make sure it hold hands with two to three other pieces. See the periwinkle in the rug? And the echo of it in the rolling clouds in the photo over the sofa? The colors of the rug are also picked up by the stack of books just next to the white wall lamp.

Decorating with Pattern - @RetroDenTulsa

Remember, pattern content can play a role too. This pillow ties into the rest of the room by its color and content. Look closely, there are horses on it. And there is a horse over the couch, and horses on the corner bookshelf.

Are you like me and love thinking about why your home styling works? Indulge us by Instagramming photos of your proud styling moments and tag it #nosheryhomelove.

-Ashley Heider Daly


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