Tuesday Tidbits


I went to Mayfest this weekend and scored this cute little bag by Camille at Blushing Tomato.  She makes all different kinds of adorable totes and satchels. She said she has an Etsy store in the works.  I’ll share it with you as soon as she gets it up and running. OB & I also went… 

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Austin or Bust


Where have you been? Ok it’s more like where have I been?  Most recently I was in Austin on a mini-holiday vaca. “Mini-holiday vaca” is not really a term I use but it makes our pre-anniversary 8 hour road-trip to Austin in a Ford F-250 sound more fru-fru. Just humor me. On the trip down to… 

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Invisible Force Field

Girlie and The Sliding Glass Door 11

Dogs do funny things that make little sense, but at least they’re entertaining. This is Girlie, our sweet chocolate lab.  When she wants in she looks through the window and does one single bark.    To the right is the door that we usually let her in through, but it was an unusually warm day,… 

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Raise Your Hand If


  The first time you ever got on the Internet was in college. You played LPs. You made mix tapes. You had a poster of New Kids on the Block in your bedroom. You had a pager before you had a cell phone. The shows you watch in high school are now on Nick at… 

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Aliens are Real and Sing in Spanish


I am sorry. I had some free time on my hands. I have been watching too many X-Files reruns. Aliens are Real and Sing in Spanish from Meseidy Rivera on Vimeo. In case you don’t know the song I am singing is Shakira’s “Ojos Asi” which means “Eyes Like Those”. Again I apologize. I just… 

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Buster the Terrier

Buster hunts 10

  Do you know Buster?  My terror….um I mean terrier. He is the little scruffy dog that makes frequent appearances on my Instagram feed. Anyways, over the past two weeks he has developed a bit of a fixation. Every morning he wakes up and runs straight to the back door.  Which isn’t unusual because that is what we have… 

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