Glamper Tour

Glamper 1 (1)

This week was a busy, busy week. Full of projects and some news. In case you missed my little social media blitz, we are moving to Dallas, TX. We won’t know exactly where until we find a place to live, but we are definitely headed to Dallas come late October or November. The coming weeks… 

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DIY Coffee Table

Coffee Table 2

 This weekend was a super busy weekend.  Who am I kidding all of last week was crazy busy.  I had to clean 40 chairs.  No, you heard me right, 40 chairs.  I thought my right arm was going to fall off.  I will give you all the deets later.  Right now I am going to… 

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Crafting Frenzy

Craft 7

I went on a little frenzy.  A crafting frenzy. Mind you I am not really much of a crafter.  Not that I can’t craft, but crafting isn’t really my thing.  Not that I never do it, obviously, just that I rarely do it. However, I have a giant wall over my fireplace with no pictures… 

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