The People’s Court


The Culprit

 This dog….this dog is going to be the death of me.  Don’t get me wrong I absolutly love Buster.  I have had him since he was 8 weeks old, but the boy drives me crazy. Good thing for him he is so stinking cute.
*People’s Court theme plays*
The Defendant:  Buster Rivera
The Plaintiff: Obed and Meseidy
The Scene of the Crime: Tulsa International Airport
The Charge:  Being an over excited pain in our tail and locking us out of the car at 11:00 pm at night.
Damages: $50
Plaintiff’s Statement:  Judge my husband had been away on business for a few days and I was picking him up at the airport.  I took the dogs with me including Buster because they had been missing him all week and I thought it would be nice.  I put the dogs in the back of the car.  We have a barrier to keep them from jumping in the front seat. 
When my husband was approaching I left the car running and I got out to greet him.  When we went to open the trunk it was locked so I went to the driver side door to unlock the trunk.  That is when I found the Defendant in the front seat, where he’s not suppose to be and he had pushed down on the locks.  My purse was in the car with all keys and the garage door opener.  There was no way to get in the car.  We had to call a locksmith to come out and unlock the door, which cost us $50.
I present Exhibit A a cell phone photo of the Defendant in the front seat mocking us.
Defendant’s Statement:  Dude I was excited I am sorry!  I would have tried to unlock it but I have no opposable thumbs. 
Verdict:  Suck it up the dog makes no money.  Your not getting your $50 bucks back.  Next time leave the dogs at home or take the keys with you when you get out of the car.


  1. Susan says

    Just when I think there couldn’t possibly be a Buster story to top the last one, there is one! This is absolutely hilarious! I totally think you are way overdue for a book called Buster and Me!!! The dog is just stinkin’ entertaining! There has to be a way to use him as a prop for your Food TV Network Star tryout????

    This is what I imagine Honey was thinking: “Seriously? When are you going to grow up???? I’m too old for this. Does anyone see what I have to put up with? I look all chill on the outside but this dog is about to give me a nervous breakdown!”

    Now, I’m also wondering if Buster tore through the airport after the doors were unlocked?

  2. says

    Meseidy, I think we have a similar naughty boy living at our house: Finnegan — the terrible [cairn] terrier! Also I’ve been meaning to tell you that the Pastelón I had a month ago was quite divine, and I plan on making your recipe in the very near future.

  3. Megan says

    Oh, just looking at that face makes the $50 locksmith call totally worth it. Just be happy he didn’t put it in drive and take off without you guys. “Hey Jake, you work the gas while I drive and Honey finds us some tunes!!”


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