DC at Night

DC at Night 19

This is my first Monday back from our road trip vacation with my parental units.   I am reluctantly reentering real life.  What does real life have in store for me?  Finishing a mini-remodel on a 1972 Arrow Flite camper, laundry, dog hair, a backlog of posts and an impending move.  Man you got to… 

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Austin or Bust


Where have you been? Ok it’s more like where have I been?  Most recently I was in Austin on a mini-holiday vaca. “Mini-holiday vaca” is not really a term I use but it makes our pre-anniversary 8 hour road-trip to Austin in a Ford F-250 sound more fru-fru. Just humor me. On the trip down to… 

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20 Hours and 1,194 Miles


Last week the program director called the entire school into the restaurant for an announcement, of course when the “big dog” calls everyone together for an unexpected announcement the worst is expected.  Luckily enough it turned out to be good news…no, it was great news.  Our director informed us that the program was moving to… 

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On the Road


We are on the road for our mini vacation to Beaver Bend and man are we killing some bugs on the way.  Our windsheild looks like a grave yard! The in-erd of a bug are quite colorful. 😀 Guess what? I found a WordPress app on Hubby’s iPhone! Which is cool because I packed half… 

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