Dallas Landing


After just over a month of packing and planning we have finally landed in Dallas. Here is week 1 in pictures. Little trailer living. Big truck – small street. Furniture bingo, they literally call it furniture bingo. Damaged refrigerator….boooo….mad!  Like really mad! Lots of boxes! Mountain-o-paper! Life coming together. Slowly but surely life will be… 

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Invisible Force Field

Girlie and The Sliding Glass Door 11

Dogs do funny things that make little sense, but at least they’re entertaining. This is Girlie, our sweet chocolate lab.  When she wants in she looks through the window and does one single bark.    To the right is the door that we usually let her in through, but it was an unusually warm day,… 

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Raise Your Hand If


  The first time you ever got on the Internet was in college. You played LPs. You made mix tapes. You had a poster of New Kids on the Block in your bedroom. You had a pager before you had a cell phone. The shows you watch in high school are now on Nick at… 

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