Salami and Cheese Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla 600

After being cooped up for 4 days due to 13 inches of snowfall I found myself attempting to have deep philosophical conversations with my dogs.  Unfortunately the conversations were pretty one sided.  Then when I found out that we are expecting 5 – 10 inches more on Wednesday. I promptly sat myself in a corner… 

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Baked Eggs with Spinach, Mushrooms and Pancetta


Eggs are loved and cherished in this home.  Especially an egg with a soft runny yolk.  We love eggs and I am amazed how many eggs two people can go through.  Mmmmm….huevos….that’s eggs in Spanish. For my New Year’s Day brunch I was trying to think of a way to make eggs without having to… 

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Sausage and Red Pepper Strata


Considering breakfast is my favorite meal of the day it is odd that I don’t really make it very often.  Especially during the week. I usually just pour myself some ceral and run out the door.   Last night I though that it would be nice to have a yummy special breakfast so I prepared… 

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