15 Pinterest Holiday Boards to Follow

Pinterest boards

Christmas is literally just around the corner. If you haven’t started shopping you better get on it. I’m just saying.  But, to help out with your gifting, wrapping, eating and decorating ideas I have pulled together a list of 15 holiday themed Pinterest boards. Collectively these boards have almost every nook and cranny of Christmas… 

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Crafting Frenzy

Craft 7

I went on a little frenzy.  A crafting frenzy. Mind you I am not really much of a crafter.  Not that I can’t craft, but crafting isn’t really my thing.  Not that I never do it, obviously, just that I rarely do it. However, I have a giant wall over my fireplace with no pictures… 

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A Tale of Mondo Grass, Rocks, Holes and Disappearing Water: Part Deux

Front Garden 600

 A Tale of Mondo Grass, Rocks, Holes and Disappearing Water, the saga continues….. The following morning after OB’s first attempt at the water feature in our front garden he noticed that the water level had significantly dropped.  Hoping for the best we convinced ourselves that the buckets had simply filled with the water causing it to… 

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