Buster & The Turtle


Buster is a special dog.  He is a character in our home that always keeps things interesting.  He is usually the trouble maker, the instigator, the pain in your tail that is up to no good, but we love him.  Buster has all the personality of a terrier that you would expect.  He has a… 

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Sleeping Dog Macro

I miss my DSLR terribly but I am impressed with the macro lens on the little point-n-shoot that has been getting me by these last few weeks.  Check it out. Buster sleeps most of the day.  It is probably may favorite time of the day….because it is peaceful. 😀 But who doesn’t love the little… 

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A Fella of Opportunity

Last night I had to fold some clothes fresh out of the dryer.  I dumped them on the bed and walked away to get some hangers. When I came back this is what I found. Do you see this?  Can’t see?  Let’s take a closer look. Buster takes advantage of opportunity and I can’t blame… 

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