Project Food Blog Challenge #1: Ready, Set, Blog

Not too long ago I announced that I had thrown my hat in the ring to be “The Next Food Blog Star”. Well hold on to your spatulas because the first challenge has arrived and voting opens tomorrow, Monday!


For every dish I make, I have a story.  Sometimes the stories are short stories and other times they are novellas.  A good story is made even better with pictures.  Welcome to The Noshery where food, stories, and photography mix together to show people that cooking is fun.

I love writing about the food I make in my kitchen.  I truly and honestly enjoy it. I believe that every dish has a story surrounding it.  It might be something your mother use to make only on special occasions.  Perhaps, it is a dish that you ordered at a restaurant and try to recreate at home.  Maybe your groceries are running low and you decide to have your own personal Iron Chef/Chopped episode in your kitchen.  The fact is that every recipe has a story and The Noshery is where some of those stories are told.

Canoas de Maduros edit

It is true that, after shooting a post for the blog, my kitchen sometimes looks like a hurricane just blew through and there is more food on my camera than on my plate!  Usually, I have used every utensil in my kitchen, but it’s okay because I had fun while doing it!  I tell these stories because I want The Noshery to show everyone that they can have fun cooking too.

Blueberry & Mushroom Pot Roast

When I photograph a recipe for a post, my goal is for the food virtually to come off of the screen.  When you see a picture, I want you to taste and to smell the food. I want you to have to refrain from licking the screen (not a good idea because all you’re going to get is dust anyway).  Bringing a dish together from an array of ingredients to a finished dish is the food’s story.  That is one of the reasons why I try to do all my posts with step-by-step photos so my readers will have a guide and feel confident while cooking.  I do my absolute best to let the food tell it’s own personal story.

Green Papaya Salad 550 edit

I want to show people that cooking is not only fun but easy and that they should not be afraid to try something different.  I refuse to limit myself to a specific cuisine or style of cooking. If I do, how will I learn?  I’m Puerto Rican and proud of it. Although pork, plantains, and rice make an appearance in my kitchen at least once a  week, I will try any other dish any day of the week.    One day I’ll  stay close to home and make Sweet Plantain Canoes, another day I feel like going to Asia for some Thai Green Papaya Salad with Shrimp, and sometimes I say, “What the heck!” and do a little fusion resulting in  Sweet Potato and Plantain Cakes with Pineapple Mango Chutney.    Sometimes I bomb, but sometimes I manage to cook up a winner. Like when I jazzed up the traditional pot roast and made Mushroom & Blueberry Balsamic Pot Roast.  I want to encourage my readers to cook outside of their comfort zone and try something different, add a little bit of this and that.  The awesome thing is that if it is a total failure, you will have a story to tell and you can save the day by ordering take out!

Sweet Potato Cakes w/ Mango Chutney 550

Not only does every post have a story told through photos, they have built-in humor.  Humor is entertaining, but the truth is: humor is just me. I am very uncomfortable in serious situations.  If things get uncomfortable, I can almost guarantee you that I will make some random joke at the wrong time. It’s how I roll.  I believe that making fun of yourself makes people around you feel at ease.  I am happy to admit to dancing in the produce section because I just found fresh figs.  Of course, my husband thinks I am a dork for attempting the running man while seated in the car just because I bought some awesome produce at the farmer’s market. And then there were those cheesy jokes about stripping corn.  Making jokes is another part of the story and I hope that they make my readers feel at ease.

Sour Cream Corn Pancakes

I have learned a lot since I started The Noshery and I have made many friends from around the world in the process. I am privileged to be a part of the food blogging community and to have such wonderful readers. The fact is food is an international language.  When someone gives you a steaming hot, beautiful plate of food with an eager smile on their face, what they are saying is that they like you, care about you, and they want you to be happy.  They also want you to love their food because, in a way, it means that you care about them too.  The Noshery is just my way of saying I love you guys!

In conclusion, should I be the next food blog star?  Heck yeah!  I make cooking fun, I take a pretty mean tasty looking picture, and I am funny! Who doesn’t like funny?  I am just saying!

So, in conclusion, pick me! Pick me! Pick me!


  1. says

    Ok, all your photos just made me insanely hungry! You’ve got my vote and added you to my reader! I’ve found such amazing talents in this competition. Good luck to us all!

  2. Ellen says

    Love your blog!! Your true self comes out in every word, picture and recipe! I’m glad I know the “live” version, too!! I’m voting for The Noshery!!

  3. marie says

    Hi I give you my vote 100% I am down for your website I enjoy making some of your wonderful dishes.
    Good Luck to You.

  4. Numa says

    This is by far my favorite blog ever. An easy reading, with great visuals, and amazing recipes. I love the way you approach the Spanish-Caribbean (particularly Puero Rican) cuisine. The best of luck in your competition.

  5. Connie Gordon says

    I have been reading your blog and have enjoyed the adventures of you & your family. I have even tried your recipe for Lime Granita. It was delicious and refreshing. Keep up the great work. You can count on my vote.

  6. says

    What exciting news! I stumbled upon your blog several months ago while on a quest for a recipe for pastelon, and your site has been saved in my favorites (and on my blogroll) ever since. I will definitely be rooting for you!

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