Invisible Force Field

Dogs do funny things that make little sense, but at least they’re entertaining. This is Girlie, our sweet chocolate lab.  When she wants in she looks through the window and does one single bark.    To the right is the door that we usually let her in through, but it was an unusually warm day, so I decided to leave the sliding glass door open so the pups could let themselves in and out.  Keeping me from having to get up to let them in and out.

Girlie 2

Apparently the sliding glass door has an invisible force field when open.

Girlie 9

Come on Girlie, the door is open.  You coming in?

Girlie 12

Don’t bark at me! The door is open. It’s not my fault you’re a dork and choose to just sit there.  No one is stopping your from coming in.

Girlie 17

Look your brother just walked straight in, the force field has been lifted.  Now will you come in?

Girlie 8

You have been sitting there for over an hour just staring at me.   I promise the door is open and there is no force field.  Don’t you trust me?  What does it say about our relationship if you won’t trust me enough to walk through an open door.

Girlie 6

Daddy’s home! Are you coming in?

Fine just stay there, you weirdo.

Girlie 19


  1. Louise says

    I got lucky and found your website while I was looking for a butternut squash recipe. Kept reading when I saw the chocolate Lab! Great pictures, beautiful dog, reminds me of our Miss Coco Chanel who has been gone for several years.
    She had the same habits. Girlie is actually speaking in Lab! She is saying, “Come on, come out and play with me, pleeeeaase! Just throw the ball a couple times. I won’t come in till you do.”

  2. says

    Yeah, we’ve got two chocolate labs, Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty. Amazingly brilliant animals at times. And, yeah, amazingly dorky at others! LoL! But always entertaining! Thanks for this great post! My husband and I both enjoyed it.

  3. Diane says

    Loved the invisible force story and pics… I could almost hear the bark.
    And Bella must have been writing about my Yorkies!

  4. Bella says

    hahahahahahaa Who’s the dork?
    My Yorkies love the outside but they love the inside too. They love the fun and adventure of the wilderness (our backyard), but they also love the cool air (conditioner) or warm, comfy (heated) weather and safety of the inside of the house. They want to be outside protecting their home from invaders, like the squirrel or the neighbor’s cat. They want to be inside or nearby, just in case mommy needs help picking something off the floor, that she may have not noticed fell while she was cooking, and hopefully it’s something tasty and delicious.
    In a perfect world, the door will remain open while my Yorkies explore the outside, no bugs would come in, no heat or cool air would escape and the birds would allow themselves to be captured. The neighbor’s cat would know his boundaries and chicken legs would fall from the sky. They want their cake and eat it too! Blame them? No, because so do I ;O)

  5. says

    Hahaha that’s too cute! My dog does quirky stuff all the time too. Similar to this story, he will stand at the top of stairs and bark and bark until someone escorts him down them. It’s like he thinks he can’t break the barrier alone and he has to employ the buddy system.

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