Interrupting Our Regularly Scheduled Program for PUPPIES!

Girlie & Puppies 550

Sometime between October and November we took in a stray chocolate lab we named Girlie.  At the end of January, Girlie and Jake learned about the birds and the bees.  Yesterday after a short road trip we came home to a proud Mama of 8 puppies.    She caught us a little by surprise, we though she was going to have the puppies tomorrow.

Girlie & Puppies

Mama is doing well and so are all the puppies.  She had 4 females and 4 males, 3 black, 2 yellow and 3 chocolate.  Look at those cute little paws and tiny tail.

Girlie & Puppies

The girls all weigh 10 oz, three of the boys weight 12 oz and one big boy weights 14.5 oz.  He is HUGE!  That’s him, the yellow one in the middle.  His head reminds me of Brain from Pinky and The Brain.

Girlie & Puppies

He hardly never lets go!

Girlie & Puppies

So anyone want a lab puppy in 8 weeks?

Girlie & Puppies


  1. eileendv says

    Oh goodness. Puppies. So cute. I have a cat, and I’ve never really been a dog person, but my husband has told me that we will have a dog at some point. And I have told him that IF we have a dog at some point, it WILL be a chocolate lab! Unfortunately we are not ready for a puppy right now in our lives! They are beautiful though!

  2. says

    Me, me, pick me!!!! I want a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!! But sadly I live in an apartment so that’s probably not the best idea. They are supercute though!

  3. schnann says

    i want a puppy! i really do!

    are all 8 quite a handful to take care of? i could only imagine 8 little puppies running around.

  4. says

    They are so very, very adorable!!! Oh my how tempting but Zach is 90 lbs of lovely all on his own. My surfer would shoot me if I brought home another big baby. :( I really wish that I could though especially Brain. I will ask around though. Almost everyone I know here loves labs. How much are you asking?

  5. says

    The puppies are adorable! I know you see puppies for sale at 8 weeks all the time, but if you wait until 12 weeks, they grow up so much better. 8-12 weeks is a very important time for them to learn to socialize. They interact with their litter mates and they learn to in inhibit their bite (very important!) and to play less destructively. I know its hard to care for an entire litter and everyone wants a cute little baby, but please consider letting them spend the extra month to learn such important social skills! Sorry this is the first time I’ve commented, but I love your site and I enjoy all your recipes!


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