DC at Night

This is my first Monday back from our road trip vacation with my parental units.   I am reluctantly reentering real life.  What does real life have in store for me?  Finishing a mini-remodel on a 1972 Arrow Flite camper, laundry, dog hair, a backlog of posts and an impending move.  Man you got to love Mondays.

While I work on playing catch up I though I would share some photos I took on our last evening in DC.  OB and I walked over 2.5 miles taking pictures of some of Washington, DC’s monuments.   It was my first time back in DC since I moved away 12 years ago.  I forgot how much I love that city.  Besides getting to visit all the monuments at night we the highlight of our trip in DC was out visit to the US Capitol.  If you ever decided to visit DC you must take a tour of the capitol.  You can’t help but be in awe of such a beautiful building.


I hope you enjoy these photos while I de-hair my house, unpack a suitcase, pick-up a mattress and discover what gems are hiding in the hallway closet.   I will be back later with more road trip pictures, camper update and a insanely delicious dinner that I made for my parents.

DC at Night 2

DC at Night 3

DC at Night 5

DC at Night 6

DC at Night 13

DC at Night 14

DC at Night 17

DC at Night 1 (1)

DC at Night 19

DC at Night 23

DC at Night 3 (1)

DC at Night 24

DC at Night 6 (1)


  1. Millie Gonzalez says

    Thanks for the memories! I lived in that area during the 80’s-90’s and going to the monuments at night was 1 of my favorite things 2 do.

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