How to Season a Granite Mortar and Pestle + Guacamole

How to season a grant mortar and pestle & guacamole -

For years, I have skimmed food magazines and coveted pictures with beautifully seasoned granite mortar and pestles. I just love how rustic they look and how you can see a story in them through their seasoning and wear. Stone grinding has been around for thousands of years making the granite mortar and pestle one of… 

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What’s in Season?

fruits & veg

A few weeks back I was out to dinner with some fellow bloggers at a great seasonal restaurant called Seasons 52. One of their feature items that evening was a beautiful steamed whole branzino with meyer lemon.  This lead into a short discussion about if meyer lemon was still in season.  There are many times that I have… 

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Introducing Save, Print and Shopping Lists with ZipList

Zip Page

For some time readers have asked if there was an easy way to save and print The Noshery recipes.  When I first started blogging I tried creating PDF links, but that was tedious and I wasn’t disciplined enough to keep it up.  Then I started using Google sites to create links for printing recipes.  That worked pretty well… 

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Limber de Coco (Coconut Cream Popsicles)


In every neighborhood in Puerto Rico there is an old lady that will sell you limber for 50 cents, back in my day it was 25 cents. Usually she will come out in a “bata” or mu-mu with curlers in her hair.  I remember when I was a little girl there was this lady that… 

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I Won Something! Rock on Foodbuzz!

Yesterday I got this email: Hello Meseidy, Congratulations!  You are the winner of the Foodbuzz Tell a Friend Weekly Raffle for the week of October 05–12, 2008.  Yourprize?  Le Creuset 12 2/3-Inch Oblong Skillet Grill!  We hope you enjoy your new kitchen cookware. Please provide for me your mailing information so we can send you… 

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