35 and Color Me Rad 5k

Until recently I’ve had a firm belief in not running unless I was being chased, but with my 35th year of life on approach I though it may do me some good to change that philosophy. This weekend was my birthday weekend and the only thing that I asked to do was “run” in the Color Me Rad 5k.

If you have been considering running in a 5k the Color Me Rad 5k is a great way to start. They are defiantly more of a fun run made up of families, crazy college kids and the free-spirited. It’s not about who runs the best time, but who has the most fun. Color Me Rad 5

Before the run there is a nutty emcee calling people up on stage for dance contest, slim jim eating contest or whatever else he can think of. He throws color bombs and t-shirts into the crowd, he also walks through the crowd with a  fire extinguisher full of colored cornstarch and  covers everyone in neon colored clouds. Some of it gets in my mouth, OB isn’t wearing his glasses and when I look at him he looks like he has on neon blue mascara and I tell him I’m sure that we will be picking multi-colored boogers by the end of the run.

There is also an area set up for photos.  They take photos of you and your can search them later by your bib number and purchase them.  OB and I got before and after photos take, once they are up I plan to buy them and share.

Color Me Rad 1

For a color run white is the color to wear so, the color your hit with stands out more. I came prepared in a white visor, t-shirt and sporting some pretty sweet knee socks. However I refuse to wear white shorts.  This booty does not belong in white shorts.

Color Me Rad (1)

Color Me Rad

In your race packet you get your running big, t-shirt, temporary tattoo, color bomb and the coolest most reflective sunglasses I have seen since I was a kid. I love these sunglasses, which come in super handy to protect your eyes from the color clouds. Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing mine even after the run. They also have more t-shirts, tutus, fanny packs, shorts and tube socks to purchase.

Color Me Rad 2

It was time for our wave to line up and get ready to run. While waiting to go music is playing and people are color bombing each other. I ended up in the line of fire a few times and OB’s leg looked like it had been mauled by a smurf. 

Color Me Rad 4

Color Me Rad

We were off and feeling pretty good.  I did not keep track of time because that wasn’t my goal.  It was just a fun birthday run, but I feel that we did pretty good.  Better than I usually do anyway.  I always run better with a buddy. We ran through all the color stations except for the blue.  Turns out they were spraying colored water and I wasn’t exactly down for getting wet.  Especially since it was a chilly and cloudy day.

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Color Me Rad 7

If you’re an avid runner or walker checkout and see when is the next Color Me Rad 5k in your area. It’s a great way to spend the day and it supports causes right in your area.  The run here in Ft. Worth benefited the Ft. Worth Ronald McDonald house. After the run we went for a celebratory birthday breakfast and I got to open my presents, a super cute retro apron and an ice cream maker!  I can’t wait to bust out the ice cream maker for you all!

I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and reading.  I am on the second book of the Divergent series, which will probably result in all productivity going out the window. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!


P.S. If there is no Color Me Rad in your area another great run is The Color Run.


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    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a fun way to celebrate. I also used to say I would only run if being chased by a hungry bear. A few years ago I broke down because I could get in a good all over workout quickly, so I signed up for a charity run. Now I want to do a color run because they look like SO much fun! the visor and knee socks were a great call. I look forward to the official photos!

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