Weirdo Kid Sisters

Kid sisters are special and weird… weird.

They are smaller versions of you but at the same time the total opposite.

This is my kid sister Maite. That is My-te not May-tee.


Although she is obsessed with pirates right now, so you could call her May-tee and she would say, “Arrrr!” Seriously, she found an eye patch in my car when I was visiting last month and she immediately put it on.

Like I mentioned before, kid sisters are weirdos.


Kid sisters are there to get on your nerves, pull you hair and if they are short like mine try to bite your ankles.

They are also there to make you laugh, share inside jokes and to hose down with the kitchen sink spayer.


It’s also a lot of fun to sit as close to them as possible, pointing at them and saying, “I’m not touching you.”

Yes we still do that at 32 and 28 years old. I also admit to pushing on her ice cream cone right when she is about to eat it so it goes up her nose. What can I say?


My sister is a weirdo, but now that I think of it I am a weirdo. So maybe it’s genetic because my parents have weirdo tendencies.


To weirdo kid sisters. You may drive us crazy and have pulled our hair on some previous occasions but we are sistas *chest thump* so we older sisters got your back.

Now lets have lipstick wars in mom’s car.


  1. Kinzie says

    This made my morning – my sister is getting married in a month at we were reminiscing about our weirdo childhood moments…makes life so much more fun to have a sister!

  2. Silvette says

    Oh so many memories! Oh so many headaches! LOL
    That was so cute…I really enjoyed it! I love you girls! Mommy.

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