Pappardelle with Black Olive Tapenade, Sundried Tomatoes & Crispy Prosciutto

Pappardelle with Black Olive Tapenade 13

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pompeian. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own.  I recently participated in an olive oil tasting.  Yes, you read that correctly an olive oil tasting, not a wine tasting. Let me say that if you ever have the opportunity to participate in an olive oil tasting you should totally… 

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Lemon Olive-Oil Cake

 I was afraid….I was very afraid.  The first time I heard of olive oil cake was on Top Chef Masters.  The episode was a team challenge were previous Top Chef contestants returned to help the competitors.  Chef Michael Chiarello’s , who was acting like a butt-head (I know real mature right?) had olive oil cake… 

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Bacalao (Salted Cod Salad)

Bear with me while I write the post.  I am suffering from a lack of sleep after piping that I think where 1,500 petals last night on to some cupcakes, which I will be posting later.  Me very sleepy, fingers a little cramped. When I was a kid my grandmother would make this salad and… 

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