Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me


I spent a large portion of my childhood in the great peach state of Georgia, riding my bike all over a military base and enjoying summers with warm peach cobbler a la mode.  By 1993 my father had left the military and we were living in a little town called Byron, GA.  It was my first experience living… 

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Christmas Day

On Christmas morning at about 8:00 am Obed whispers in my ear, “Let’s get up and open presents and then we can play outside in the snow with the dogs.”    He is a big kid at heart what can I say.  I am A-OKAY with it.  It makes things around here fun. So that is exactly… 

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Back From the Mountains


Well I am back and in one piece….almost. First I was surprised to find out that this little cabin was in fact in the mountains. Who knew there were mountains in Oklahoma? We arrived at our very charming little cabin on Monday afternoon.  Here check out our cabin ain’t it cute?   Here let me… 

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