Lazy Saturday Morning

The Saturday morning ritual I think is a sacred one.  It is the one day that we do not have to get up early for any reason.  We don’t have work, church and we do our best not to schedule anything in the morning.  The idea is to sleep in, lounge on the couch while watching cartoons and just hang out.

You know lay low like broccoli.


Be chillin like a villain. (Could I get any cheesier?)


At some point in the day we do a few chores. Hubby has the task of going through all of our mail for the week and deciding what is trash and want needs attention. Buster decided he would help him out.

He was reviewing every piece of paper that went into that bag. Diligently making sure that some important bill or piece of paper didn’t get thrown away.


Checking it once and checking it twice.


After awhile he was drowning in paperwork.


And it just kept piling up.


Finally Buster became very overwhelmed with all the work and just fell asleep. Hubby and I had to write him up for falling asleep on the job. No milk biscuits for him.


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