How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

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The other day I declared my excitement about being able to fold a fitted sheet properly.  After several request to share this knowledge with all of you I decided to make a some what embarrassing instructional video. I usually don’t do this kind of thing but I am all about sharing, so I am going to share with you.

First let me apologize for my fidgeting, my rambling, my whining dog and my very wrinkled comforter.  I just didn’t feel like ironing a comforter. 😀  Now grab a fitted sheet from your linen closet and follow along.


  1. says

    Thank you SO much! I love it! I commented on Billy’s instructional video idea on Facebook and saw your comment, so I had to check it out. I knew about gathering the corners together, but not what to do next. I’m thrilled! Can’t wait to try it. :-)

  2. says

    You are awesome, Meseidy! D’s Mom and I were just talking about this YESTERDAY! This is such a useful bit of information–our linen closet will be forever changed!
    And you are just too cute in the video!

  3. says

    I honestly did not know that was even possible.

    Could you now show me how to divide by zero? ha ha

    Did you figure that out accidentally or is this information people have had and just haven’t shared with the rest of us?

  4. Janette says

    Just ran across your blog and I love it! But the best is this video explaining about the sheet! My pet peeve and the sheets either stay in the laundry basket or get balled up and put in the closet. It’s a whole new world!

  5. says

    My favorite line is: “give it a little shake and shimmy” Classic. This is exactly why you need to try out for the next Food TV Network star! Replace the sheet with a hunk of lamb and you’re a hit!!!!

  6. says

    So cute! This is one of my favorite bits of information. I’m always thrilled when I get to show people how it’s done. At least I’m not the only one that’s overly excited about such seemingly small details that make life come together. Love the video!

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