Everyone Needs Their Beauty Sleep

Buster and I were discussing the other day how hard we both work and if you don’t take care of yourself it can take a toll on you.  He was telling me how tired he gets chasing after squirrels, barking at the kids skateboarding in front of our house and nosing through the trash in the bathroom.


He agreed that it is very important to get plenty of rest, to keep yourself young and youthful.  It  also helps to ward off tired eyes, dark circles under the eyes and it is good for your over all health.


From the looks of him I would say that the sleep is doing it’s job.  Isn’t he the cutest?



  1. says

    Buster is too much :) How adorable.I love the in depth conversations that you two share. My house would be covered in mud if my big beastie love came in right now. He has been digging the Grand canyon in the back yard and needs a bath and a shave.He did enjoy the snow though and has decided that the backyard is his domain. King Zach of the Dreadlocks loves his kingdom. I look forward to more conversations from Buster :)

  2. micaela says

    Buster is adorable! Especially in the pictures with a little bit of his tongue sticking out. Did he watch the Westminster dog show with you last night while he was tucked under the comforter? and make fun of all the foofy dogs that need their hair brushed every few minutes?

    I think Buster should come out to visit us in AZ — the weather is very nice right now and I could take him out to the desert every morning with my dog, we meet all sorts of other nice dogs and everyone sniffs around for the coyotes and lizards that hang out there at night. After an hour of that, my dog EllieMae is done for the rest of the day! Let me know if you want to send him over, we’ll get a nice squishy bed made up for him 😉

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