Buster Gets a Trim

Buster's Haircut 550

Last week I looked at Buster and quickly came to the conclusion that Homeboy needed a haircut.    I mean look at him he looks like a Muppet.  There are two things that Buster absolutely hates and that is baths and haircuts.   But I will admit that I love giving them to him, because he is such a butthead it’s like my own little twisted revenge.

Buster's Haircut

At first he thought I was sitting on the floor to play with him and got all excited…..until I pulled the clippers out.

Buster's Haircut

Then suddenly his whole demeanor changed.  He was pouting and sulking like that was suppose to make me feel sorry for him and make me change my mind.   Like I am suppose to be sympathetic to the same dog that whines and barks in my ear at 5:30 am.

Buster's Haircut

Halfway through the cut we took a little break.  He went and hid in Jake’s kennel.  Don’t feel sorry for him…he is a punk and he is just trying to manipulate you…trust me.

Buster's Haircut

After he pulled himself together and realized that resistance was futile we finished up his haircut.  Doesn’t he look handsome?  Yes he is a butthead but he is so cute!

Buster's Haircut

However he did inform me that he was never speaking to me again and as soon as he went out into the yard he was going to dig in the wet mud.

Buster's Haircut

But let’s enjoy it while it last.  Here is a before and after.

Before & After


  1. Vicky. J says

    He’s just like my dog, Freddie, (a yorkie/ westie cross), who is also desperate for a trim. But i think I have to wait for the weather to improve a little first, otherwise i’ll have a chilly pup on my hands and I dont think he’d appreciate wearing a little coat!

  2. says

    We always joke that the dog is going to get on the phone to the ASPCA after we give him his bath…. what a drama king :-) Buster looks good, though!

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