Back From the Mountains

Well I am back and in one piece….almost. :) First I was surprised to find out that this little cabin was in fact in the mountains. Who knew there were mountains in Oklahoma?

We arrived at our very charming little cabin on Monday afternoon.  Here check out our cabin ain’t it cute?

 Our little cabin

Here let me give you a tour of the inside.

This is the “living room”.

Inside the little cabin











Here we have the “bedroom”

Inside the cabin

Here is the kitchen.  This is where I made the biscotti. 😀  Not a bad kitchen for such a little joint.

Cabin Kitchen

Finally our little porch in the back.  I think it has a nice view.

Our View

When we settled in we decided to take a drive around the lake. The lake is HUGE and beautiful, the water was super clear. See how small Hubby looks in comparison to the very LARGE lake.

Beaver's Bend Lake

 Our first evening was just getting acquainted with the area.  The area is beautiful, it is just incredible to see what God created.

Beautiful Landscape

When we got back to the cabin Hubby built a fire in the fire pit outside. This is when he first met our new friends. He came out of the dark woods and scared Hubby to death. It was a sweet hound mix breed and then came his friend the fur ball. These neighborhood dogs visited almost every evening.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture of them.

The next morning Hubby got up and made us breakfast. Doesn’t he look cute in the kitchen? He needs a kiss the cook apron.

Hubby making breakfast

We then got ready for a hike.  On our way there we saw several deer.

Nom….nom….nom.  Munch….munch….munch.

Shhhh Deer 

Do you hear something?

Did you hear something?

You looking at me?

You looking at me?

I say we head for the hills before this crazy lady gets her gun…..

Let's Split

We also saw a beautiful woodpecker with a bright red crest, but the little bugger didn’t want his picture taken.

While on our hike we stopped and had lunch on the edge of the creek.

Hubby enjoying his lunch.

Obed eating lunch by the creek

Our view during lunch.

Our view during lunch

My protest to having my picture taken, while I am trying to enjoy my lunch.  I hope the food particles on my tongue don’t gross you out too much.  My mommy did a great job teaching manners, huh?

My protest to having my picture taken

This is where all the fly fishers hung out.

Here are where the fly fishers hang

When we finished our hike we headed back to the cabin to chill. Hubby then decided to try and do some fishing, I decided to make almond biscotti dipped in chocolate, check out the recipe here. Fortunatly for me I was saved from having to watch Hubby clean fish because he came back empty handed. We decided to throw a some ribeye on the grill and roast some taters for dinner. Taters is mountain talk. :)

The next day was our 4 hour horseback riding trip….yes that is right 4 HOURS!  First we stopped for breakfast at Stephen’s Gap Restaurant. 

Yummy breakfast.  These are some country hash browns…..yum-E!

Breakfast at Stephens Gap

Hubby had himself a breakfast sandwich.

“Woman will you put that camera way and let me eat!”

Let me eat!

Once we finished up breakfast we headed to A to Z Ranch about 40 minutes north of Beaver’s Bend.  This is where the 4 HOUR horseback ride awaited me.  The ranch was 1 mile off the road at the end of a twisting dirt road.  The ranch was beautiful with horses and several cabins.   We were introduced to our horses Rocky and Buddy.

My horse was Rocky the horse on the left.  He was quite a character, he has to be in front of Buddy at all times and he was munching on leaves during the whole trip.

Our horses Rocky & Buddy

The little booger even stuck his tongue out at me.

Horse lips

One of our companions during the trip was the boarder collie Buckaroo.  Here he is trying to herd Shadow, a horse on the ranch.

Buckaroo herding Shadow

Dude get off your high horse……geez!  Oh…oh wait, sorry.  I guess it is time to go.

Obed on his horse

So I got on my horse Rocky and we headed for the hills….mountains…forest….whatever!

Into the wilderness

Off we go on our adventure…over the river ……

Over the river

and through the woods, but not to my grandmothers because she is in Puerto Rico.  That would be a really…..really…..long trip on horseback. Horses are good swimmers though…right?

Through the Woods

Ahhh to breath in the fresh air and become one with nature….Ok um, I think my but is starting to hurt. By the way that is Grant out guide, he is a little camera shy.  We will get a better picture of him later.

The beginning of our ride











Dude! You try taking a one handed picture behind you, while riding a horse and loosing all the feeling in your lower body, see what you get. 😀

You try and take a picture behind you while on horse back

Sweet finally a break at frog pond.  Grant is checking out the frog eggs. 

Grant the guide checking out frog eggs

See frog eggs, cool right?  By the way that is me holding the frog eggs.  Are there any recipes with frog eggs?

Frog Eggs

Alrighty back on the horse and I was just getting the feeling back in my legs.

Ok here we go

Now mind you by this point I am hurting….I mean I am really starting to hurt.  I did not know I could hurt in the places that I hurt.  Your husband proposes to you, let’s go on a horseback ride and you thing, that would be lovely dear.  It would be relaxing and leasurely, right?  Well this was some hardcore horseback riding.  We went up and down mountain sides, over water and up and down mountain sides again.  There was stone everywhere you looked. So it was a bumpy ride. It was beautiful, but it was painful.  Next time I think I am going to suggest we top out at 1 hour.

Finally we stopped and took another break for lunch.  The guides wife packed us some lunches for our trip.

Lunch Break

Buckaroo was with us during the whole trip.

Our other guide Buckaroo

See my lunch…it is almost gone.  I was hungry!  For a simple ham and cheese it was good!

My lunch

Our horses also took a break and munched on some leaves.

Horsed taking a break

Ok here we go again……..It looks like Rocky has a cowlick….can horses have cowlicks?

More Riding
















Ok so after 4 hours of horseback riding I was beat….I was done….actually I was more then done….I was fried!  I was walking like an athritic Yosamity Sam. We mosied our way back to the cabin where I filled up the jacuzzi tub and soaked for about an hour.  Bubbles feel gooooood……

After my theraputic soak, we got ready for dinner.  I was sure to have my walker with me to help me out to the car. 😀  We went to one of the few dining places in the area, Mr. Pig’s  BBQ.  The interior was really cool, very rustic and some of the tables where made of beautiful wood work.

Here is Hubby at Mr. Pig’s watching Fox News.  My Hubby loves Fox News.

Mr. Pigs BBQ











I go the yummy brisket sandwich with coleslaw.

Mr. Pigs Brisket Sandwich











Hubby got baby back ribs with potato salad and coleslaw…..Mmmmmmm…Nom, nom…

Babyback Ribs











After we filled our bellies with yummy, yummy BBQ, we went home where I contemplated bathing myself in Ben-Gay.

When I woke-up the next morning I thought I was going to die.  I had muscles in my body that hurt that I didn’t even know exsisted and we were going jet sking.  I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it, but I sucked it up and went.  Jet sking was definatly my favorite part, I got the sucker up to about 40 mph.  Unfortunatly I have no pitcures to share on the adventure because my fancy camera is not friends with water.  😀 

So now we are back home getting back into the swing of things.  Back to the grind. 😀


  1. Susan Shane says

    Well, it’s been a long time since anyone has grabbed my attention with their wit, talent and appreciation for the best things in life! You have certainly accomplished this, Meseidy! I happened upon your website today and can’t seem to leave it! I really should be doing other things, yet I don’t care at this moment!!! lolol You are a breath of fresh air in this sometimes murky world!!
    Thanks so much for such a terrific website and for sharing the gifts God has given you to share with everyone lucky enough to find you.
    What a fantastic trip! Pain and all, right???????

    May God bless you and your family always,
    Susan Shane in Maryland

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