Homemade Fig Newtons? Fig & Walnut Newtons

Fig & Walnut Cookies

I FOUND FIGS!  Not fresh fig, dry figs, but I still found figs!  At Wal-mart, I found dry figs at Wal-mart, who would have thought, figs at Wal-mart.  How many time have I said figs so far?  Of course I had to buy them since I have been looking for figs everywhere.  Funny how you find… 

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Lemon Cornmeal Cupcakes with Lemon Icing and Blueberry Filling


If you visited yesterday you saw the Creamy Chicken Carbonara that I made for dinner.  Well I made a truck load and it was so good we just decided to have the leftovers for dinner.  This gave me the opportunity to practice my baking skills.  I’m happy to see that my baking skills are improving, actually… 

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The Kitchn

I have discovered a new website/blog and I LOVE IT!  The Kitchn “inspiring cooks, nourishing homes” is their “slogan”.  It is fabulous! It is updated daily with new recipes that just entice you to do some experimenting in your kitchen.  They also have slide shows of different kitchen, “kitchen tours”, along with interesting items for your… 

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