Sazon & Sofrito


You can typically find it in the Latin food aisle of your supermarket or at your local Latin grocer.

If you cannon find it  you can make your own blend of seasonings, equal parts salt, garlic powder, cumin, corriander and annato.  Other possible additions include onion powder, tomato powder and saffron.   1 1/4 tsp equals 1 envelope of Sazon.



If purchasing sofito at a store a few things to know.

You can typically find it in the Latin food aisle. It is Goya brand, but Goya makes 2 different kinds a red and a green.  You want the green which is labled “Recaito” even though the red says “Sofrito”.  Traditionally Puerto Rican “sofrito” does not have tomato in it.  Just think GREEN.

If you are in the Tulsa area. The supermarket’s jars tend to be very small.  You can find larger jars and all other kinds of interesting foods at the Asian Market Nam Hai at 21st and Garnett.  They keep them on a shelf above the refrigeration bins, towards the produce.  You can also find Goya Adobo and Sazon there, I think that maybe on a rack between the fishmarket and produce. When you walk in go right.  The market is disorganized and has a funny smell because of the seafood market in the back, but you can find some really interesting ingrediants there.


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    GOD BLESS YOU! These recipes and your website is awesome now…… I would like to know if in your mofongo you used a home made sofrito or the green Goya one …..I wish you all lived in Chicago that kitchen has some amazing talent!

    Thanks, Rick-a Chicago Puerto Rican

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    Is it true yuca is another name for casavva? If so, doesn’t if have to be cooked and the water drained before eating it? Your recipe sounds wonderful but I’m concerned about eating yuca without first cooking it.

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      Yes its the same and yes it has to be cooked. i am not sure which recipe u are talking about? If your talking about pasteles the yucca will cook when you boil the assembled pasteles.

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