Weekend Bridal Shower

I don’t think I can begin to express how tired I still am from this weekend.   It was non stop fun and little sleep, but it was all worth it.  I loved spending sometime in my old stomping ground and seeing old friends.  It had been 2 years since I had been in Virginia.

So during the weekend I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I managed to misplace my keys at least 20 times, my cell phone about 10 and at one point I put my shoes on the wrong feet.  Yes it is true I am 30 years old and I put my shoes on the wrong feet.  I am not ashamed.   I talked so much my mouth went dry and I started to lose my voice, at one point I declared that I had to stop talking because my own voice was getting on my nerves.

We laugh, we talked and caught up and then filled our bellies with sugar and caffeine, no wonder we were bouncing off the walls.

The beautiful goodies you see here were done by one of the bridesmaids Hannah’s Hancakes.  She is awesome and everything was delicious.  You can find her fan page on Facebook, she is still working on her website.  The menu had chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes, mocha crunch bars, chai bars, candied pecans, biscottie and this fantabulos pumpkin dip for apples and gingersnaps.  SO DELICIOUS!

Becca's Shower

I was in charge of the caffeine bar…I mean coffee bar.  Got a few carryout from starbucks and all the fixings.

Becca's Shower

Here one of the ladies enjoys one of Hannah’s delicious cupcakes.  Pay close attention and you notice that she decorated them like little coffee cups.  How stinking CUTE!

Becca'S Shower

Becca the bride finally arrived and there were hugs all around.

Becca's Shower

After lots of hugs, yapping, chatting and sugar fixes we all gathered around for “pseudo” gifts.  I say pseudo gifts because since she had to fly back to Florida we just wrapped pictures of her gifts and shipped the actual presents.

Becca's Shower

Some gifts were practical.

Becca's Shower

Some gifts cause a bit of embarrassment……he, he, he…

Becca's Shower

Others had to be explained.  It was an inside joke. Something about an art project and left over Mutant Ninja Turtle sheets.

Becca's Shower

Then we asked her a few questions about her husband to be.  For every question wrong she had to put a piece of bubble gum in her mouth.  As you can see she got a few wrong.  It is ok Becca I picked questions that I knew you probably wouldn’t get….I set you up. 😀  That is what friends do.

Becca's Shower

Then we oogled and awed over a fella.  We were all over him.

Charity's Baby

Then in an effort of further humiliation we gave the bride the following scenario.  It is your wedding night and all the power has gone out.  You now have to get dressed in the dark.

Yes we all laughed at her expense, but that is how it is suppose to be….right?  By the way that is the fabulous Miss. Hannah the baker lauging at our friend.

Becca's Shower

Then we removed the blind fold.  I think she was a little confused, but she was a good sport.  Yes that is a thong, she only got one leg through, also notice that the sweater she has on is upside down.

Becca's Shower

I declare her ready for her honeymoon!

Becca's Shower

This is a great group of ladies and we had a blast!  Hope to see you all in 2 months in Florida!

Becca's Shower

See more pictures of the shower of Flickr.


  1. Hannah says

    P.S. It’s “Hancakes”, not “Hanacakes”…in case people actually tried searching for it and came up with nuthin’. 😛

  2. says

    Somehow I TOTALLY missed this post! I thought I’d check up on some of your latest blogs and searched “cupcakes” (go figure) and stumbed on an entire blog about Becca’s shower. I loved it! Captured the event PERFECTLY. :o)


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