Walking into Krispy Kreme at 9:30 PM

This is Krispy Kreme in all of its glory!  Unfortunately as you can see the Hot and Ready sign wasn’t lit so we didn’t get a free doughnut. 

May 14 2009_0826 

 This is our visitor Jerry, Hubby’s best friend.  He is texting his girlfriend in FL.  Hi Becca!

May 14 2009_0808

 This is Hubby asking if I have my wallet.  Sorry left it in the car.  Jerry is still texting Becca.

May 14 2009_0809

This is their yummy doughnut display.  I got a glazed one.  They are on the far right hand corner.  Your right not the doughnut’s.

May 14 2009_0806

This is how the doughnuts are made. Mmmmmm

 May 14 2009_0815  May 14 2009_0812  May 14 2009_0811  May 14 2009_0823 

 This is my doughnut and coffee at 9:30 at night.  Now I know why I couldn’t sleep last night. DUH!

May 14 2009_0818

 This is what happens when boys have coffee and doughnuts at 9:30 at night.  Becca are you sure about him?

May 14 2009_0817

 This is what happens when you use a wide angle lens on someone.  I think he is still cute.

May 14 2009_0819


  1. says

    These photos are hilarious!! You take amazing photos, even in a Krispy Kreme filled with fluorescent lighting. Krispy Kremes are now obsolete here in Boston… probably better that way, otherwise I’d be a larger woman!

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