Voting is now OPEN! September 27th – September 30 8pm CT.

Click on the contestant badge below or it’s twin in the side bar.  Either will work just fine!  Just click on the button do a little sign up/sign in thing and VOTE!

Friends, family and readers spread the word. It is time to VOTE!  To make it easy for you, you can copy the text below and tweet or share it on facebook.  Please, tweet, retweet, email and share.

VOTE! @thenoshery’s profile at #ProjectFoodBlog. Her food is yummy and she should be the next food blog star!

You can vote once for each challenge while voting is open.

What are you waiting for?!  Click on the button already and VOTE!


  1. Renee says

    Okay, I voted. But, I’ve got to say, there has to be an easier way to find your entry! I clicked on your picture, but that just takes me to your profile and there’s no way to vote from there. I had to go search for your entry through all those hundreds of others! Am I missing something?

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