Turkey Apple Panini


I came home today from work and was starving and realized I hadn’t use my panini press in awhile.  I, of course didn’t want just ham and cheese.  So I looked in my fridge trying to figure out what kind of sandwich I wanted.  With so much talk of fall I was thinking of when my mother made Thanksgiving dinner, she always put onions and apples in her stuffing.   I decided on a turkey sandwich with apples….hmmm.  I Incorporated the onion by taking some mayo and mixed in just a little Lipton onion soup mix and a pinch of sugar. I spread the mix on some 12 grain whole wheat bread.  I then peeled the apple, cored it and cut it into thin slices.  I assembled my sandwich turkey first, apples and then a slice of provolone.  Sprayed my press with butter spray and pressed my sandwich.  I ate it with well a few apple wedges and a glass of green tea.  I was quite satisfying.

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