Tuesday Tidbits


HEY YOU!  Awesome and totally cool person that reads my blog.  Did you know I am on Pinterest?  Well, I am and you should follow me.  Just saying!

Breakfast just got real…..real AWESOME because of Bacon Cheeseburgers with Maple Aioli!

If you didn’t know my favorite candy bar is Twix and then my friend Rebecca made an ice cream cake using Twix.  This is why I love her…FOREVER!

This beautiful post from my friend Merry-Jennifer made me home sick.

How this husband and wife show love.

I may or may not have made this face once or twice in my life.  What can I say I have facial control issues.

OB made me watch “Naked & Afraid” last week.  No that isn’t code for anything, it’s an actual show.  I think I yelled “Put some clothes on!” at the TV at least 15 times. I am still traumatized.

Oh, The Office, how I miss thee.  Here are just 50 reasons why I miss you so.

You know that scruffy little dog that lives with me? Buster.  Well, he is on Twitter & Instagram now.  Follow @MrBusterScruff if you want to see his shenanigans.

How awesome is this DIY!  I have already asked the husband if we can do it.


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