Tuesday Tidbits

Orange Hair

For the second time in my life I was told that I remind someone of their favorite aunt.  Apparently I have one of those faces.  You know the favorite aunt face.   I wonder if I am my nieces and nephews favorite aunt?

My friends Robyn and Amy are having an ice cream maker giveaway.  You should check it out.

One of my oldest and best friends asked me today why did I do this?  I said no reason, I just felt like it.  Because that is how I roll.

I found my dream house.  Yeah it’s 4,300 sqft. and just under 4 million dollars but it’s my dream house, so that is the way it should be.

This World’s Best Father photo series will keep you entertained for hours.

I am completely obsessed with this beauty blogger MaskCara.  Super informative beauty tips and a nifty $100 makeup kit.  She just won Allure beauty blogger of the year.  Seriously you should check this girl out.

I have become obsessed with sandwiches.  Especially sourdough grilled sandwiches.  I even started a Pinterest board.  This obsession is getting a little unruly.

Have you played Candy Crush?  I am sure I have already asked this question but I have to ask it again, because if you haven’t, DON’T!  It will ruin your life! I have been stuck on level 79 for over a week now.  I almost passed it last night but ran out of moves, came pretty close to a break down.

I may or may not have eaten these for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Do you follow Tuna Melts My Heart on Instagram?  If your a doggy lover you totally should.

Where do you stand on the new Instagram video vs. Vine front?  I tried Vine for a while and the looping drove me nutty.



  1. says

    Ahh so much better than the first post I read. (I do not blame you, and it was funny. Just picking at ya).

    It’s great to dream! I hope that dream comes true! Who knows! You may win the lottery or get a big inheritance lol.

    I have Candy Crush Saga on my Itouch but it won’t load. I have Candy Crush on FB and can’t play it on Safari browser (The main one i use) but it works on Google Chrome. BUT I want to play it on my ITOUCH and so I’m thinking of Crushing it out of my mind and off everything.

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