To and Fro


This weekend I got to partake in a past time that is loved by one and all, Moving.

I love pulling things out of our closets and finding junk I don’t remember buying.

I love wrapping countless amounts of glassware in paper.

I love finding dusty dog hair covered socks behind the dresser.


I love finding, 5 rubber balls, an old dog bone, and a dusty torn up rope under the couch.

I love realizing that I apparently never dusted on the top of my living room mirror.

I love being pinned between a huge plush pillow top mattress and the wall.


I love lifting boxes and carrying them down the stairs.

I love sweeping the whole house to see how big of a hairball I can make.

I love that it took me 2 entire days to pack and clean my kitchen.


I love not being able to find the toilet paper when I really have to go.

I love not being able to find the screws that I swore I taped to the entertainment center.

I love it that my entire kitchen is in boxes when I have a strong desire to experiment with a recipe.


I hate that I found my glasses that had been lost for a year.

I hate finding $6 worth of change between the sofa and junk drawers.


It’s a good thing that there are more things I love about moving then I hate about moving, because otherwise I would really hate moving.  But really who could hate moving?  The feeling of utter exhaustion, of every joint in your body hurting, and waking up feeling that you have been on a 3 day bender!  What could be better than that?


I recommend you spend 4 days moving.  You will want to do it again and again. :/




  1. Mimi says

    After my last big move (from Fl to PA) I swore I would not do it myself any more. Then, when we moved again (1 mile away but EVERYTHING had to be packed and unpacked) I rented a U-Haul and lured some co-workers with promises of pizza and beer. We were beat – never again. I am picking up the phone, calling the movers and making a margarita!

  2. Dave says

    Love the wood floors….I have been trying to finish mine for the past 3 years…almost there just too tired from my commute each day PA to NY five days a week. I hate moving, good luck on your new place.

  3. Wenie says

    Good luck on your move……I’m still unpacking from our move to Fl and the old bones and joints are still creaking. LOL

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