The Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse – Tulsa, OK

gaucho So I was in Tulsa, OK this past weekend with my Hubby who is on a business trip.  The last night before we left we went to dinner to The Gaucho, it is a Brazilian steakhouse.  It was incredible, a very unique way to dine. 

From the outside the location didn’t look like much.  It is located in a strip mall and has no windows to the exterior.  However, when you walk in it is very elegant. 

The Gaucho is basically an all you can eat buffet with an eelegant cuisine prepared by Brazilian chefs.  The hostess was very kind and took us to our table.  The waitress that greeted us and was very pleasant and personable.  She explained how the buffet works…it went something like this.  Like I already said it is basically all you can eat.  The buffet is $30 a person.  You can start with the buffet which has appetizers, rice, salmon and a salad bar.  Then on your table you have a card, one side is red and the other side is green.  Once you are ready to eat some meat you flip the card to the green side and then the “Gauchos” come out with different meats on a large skewer and they come to your table and carve the meat at your table. 

meat Meats served include:


Picanha (cut from top sirloin)
Filet Mignon (dinner only)
Top sirloin
Fraldinha (bottom sirloin)
Chicken (served wrapped in bacon)
Pork Sausage
Leg of Lamb (dinner only)
Pork Loin
NEW – Pork Loin with Pineapple

All of the meats were delicious and cooked perfectly.  I sampled everything that came out and was almost unable to walk when i was done.  My favorite has to be the pork loin which was encrusted with Parmesan cheese, they also came out with a whole grilled pineapple.  I ate my pork loin with the pineapple and it was delicious!  It was a wonderful dining experience.  If you have one of these near you I highly recommend you go or if you happen to be in Tulsa I definitely recommend you visit The Gaucho.

I finished off my dinner with their homemade coconut flan and a cup of coffee.  The flan was also delicious, it was creamy with the firmness of a cheesecake topped off with toasted coconut.

The Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse
6219 E. 61st St.
Tulsa, OK 74135


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    Holy moley! A high end buffet, what a concept! Was it well attended? Your header picture with the figs is gorgeous. Figs don’t grow in these parts so I haven’t had a fresh fig in years!

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