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I have been a wee bit busy lately,  resulting in my lack of posts.  It’s the season to be busy right?  Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, decorating and parties can keep you on your toes.

Another thing that I had on my busy list was an appointment with the dentist. I avoided the dentist for several years.  Let’s be honest no one wants to sit in that chair with your mouth open and chapping lips to be poked and prodded on.  Most dread the dentist and I did too for a long time but now I have come to love my dentist.  Don’t get me wrong I still do not enjoy being poked and prodded.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on the scrapping or drilling sounds, but it can all be made better with a set of headphones and some nitrous oxide, which is better known as laughing gas.  For a well worth extra charge I can opt to wear the  lovely nose coozy you see below and relax. During my visit I decided to share my dental experience with everyone on twitter.  In case you missed it here is a recap.


I got settled into my chair with the gas mask and headphones preparing for step one a filling repair.  As I breathed the gas in my toes began to tingle and I felt like I lost 20 lbs.  The doctor numbed my cheek and when that big “butt-kus” needle made it’s way into my mouth I didn’t even notice.

At this point I was very relaxed, opening and shutting my eyes.  I flipped through the radio stations and on some house music with a food beat.  I was going for sensory deprivation.  At one point I opened my eyes, and a thought came to me when I looked up at the doctor and her assistant.  If I didn’t know where I was I could easily freak out. Looking up this could have passed for one of those freaky scenes you see in alien abduction movies.  No face beings looking down at you with pointy metal tools poking you.  I found it all very amusing.   Then as I listen to the drilling I began to think, “This is what an alien would sound like if he was talking to you.”   It’s even freakier because it’s sounds like it is in my head.  The thing is I never would have understood what the aliens were saying.

It’s becomes obvious to me that I am on another plant.  Not literally of course.


I looked above the doc and her assistant and noticed that they had a little robot helping them out.  It was probably recording everything going on or sending some sonic waves through me.

To be honest I found it cute it reminded me of the little robots from “Batteries Not Included”.  He was my friend.

During this time I was done with the filling and getting ready for the much anticipated wisdom tooth extraction.  YEAH!!!    I also needed a potty break.  Getting up off the chair and walking those 8 steps in a cloudy fog to the bathroom was not as easy as it sounds.


By now I am super loopy and numb.  I had just gotten my second injection of Novocain and I couldn’t feel from my cheek bone down to under my chin, greatly hindering my speech.  No to mention creating a paranoia that I was drooling.


Raising my arms and tweeting on a touch screen while loopy was not a simple task.

It amazed my how my speech impediment translated over to tweeting. 😀

When everything was done the doc switched me over to oxygen to bring me back down to earth.

I snuck a pic of the back of Doc’s head.  He he he he


As I started to come too I worried what I had tweeted in the last hour.  I really was not sure.  I knew I had many thoughts of what to tweet but what had actually made it out for all to read, I could not be sure.

Just like driving heavy machinery while on laughing gas is dangerous, so is tweeting while loopy.


When I was all done, happy, numb and drooling I checked myself out in the mirror.  I was flushed, sleepy eyed and sporting a sweet red triangle around my nose.  This could be a very fashionable new look.


If you are looking for a good dentist visit Dr. Wann at Peoria and 35 th street and order the gas.  You won’t regret it.

Then I took me and my sore mouth home and had lunch with some very cool friends.


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    I love that you took all these photos while at the dentist’s office! I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday (not quite as bad as you might think, but not fun either!) I debated whether or not to have my husband photograph everything for my blog. Ultimately, I didn’t think my oral surgeon would go for that!

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