How to Season a Granite Mortar and Pestle + Guacamole

How to season a grant mortar and pestle & guacamole -

For years, I have skimmed food magazines and coveted pictures with beautifully seasoned granite mortar and pestles. I just love how rustic they look and how you can see a story in them through their seasoning and wear. Stone grinding has been around for thousands of years making the granite mortar and pestle one of… 

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New Year’s Day Brunch Chicken Chilaquiles

Breakfast Chicken Chilaquiles -

The countdown is upon us! The New Year is almost here! Can you believe it? Crazy right? What do you have planned for the New Year? What are your favorite memories of 2013?  I love New Year’s Day.  I know it’s kind of silly, but I always wake on New Year’s Day feeling that I’m… 

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Poached Eggs with Tomatillo Sauce, Poblano Chile Sauce, and Refried Beans

Do you like huevos?  That means eggs in Spanish.  Eggs are a big part of our diet here in this house.  Obed loves eggs, in fact I found a feather on him the other day…..turned out it was from the pillow, but sometimes I wonder.   When I found this recipe for a pouched egg… 

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Posole: Pork and Hominy Soup

Yesterday I posted Carnitas in an attempt to revolutionize taco night.  Because that is my job….my purpose…!  My reason for living!  Taco night ¡Revolución! *fist in the air* Ok I may have taken that a wee-bit too far, but you get the idea. I had quite a bit of carnitas leftover from my taco night ¡Revolución!. … 

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Let’s make taco night a special night.  Bypass the gritty ground beef with the taco seasoning envelope and those stale taco shells, that break when you bite into them ultimately spilling taco juice all over your white shirt.  Because that is usually how it works doesn’t it? The great thing about these tacos is that… 

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Chorizo, Corn and Red Pepper Quesadilla with Mexican Rice

Chorizo, Corn and Red Pepper Quesadillas with Mexican Rice  Who doesn’t like Mexican food?  Everyone likes Mexican food and some people are fanatical about it.  I can think of two girlfriends in particular that if you were to let them eat Mexican everyday without any consequences *wink* they would.   One of the great things about… 

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