Spicy Malta Pulled Pork

spicy malt pork 600

Pork is a big deal in this home.  It could have something to do with being Puerto Rican.  It’s the choice meat on our little island. Seriously, instead of a Christmas ham we roast pig with the skin on until crispy.  We even have Christmas songs about roasted pig.  It’s titled “That Poor Pig”. Ese… 

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Ensalada de Bacalao (Cod Fish Salad)

Last night I made one of my husband’s favorites and a traditional Puerto Rican dish.  It is called Ensalada de Bacalao, which translates to Cod Fish Salad.  Now you can’t use just any cod fish, it has to be the dried out, salt preserved cod fish, which I have only found at my local “bodeja”. Unfortunately… 

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