Butternut & Sausage Hash Lasagna Rolls with Creamy Sage Sauce

Rustic Lasagna 152

Yippee!  We found a house! Boooooo! I have to get cracking with packing.  (See what I did there?) I cannot begin to express how happy I am that we finally found a house in Dallas and that I now know where all of our things are going. Now I really feel like we are  moving!… 

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Me Make-a Lasagna

I do jumping jacks… I do squats…. I lift dumbells until my arms become lasagna noodles….. Then I come home and make a delicious, meaty, cheesy lasagna. This may seem counter productive, but I torture myself so I can have a slice of this yummy lasagna.  I do however refrain from eating the entire pan…. 

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