Football Eats: Pretzel Dog Bites with Beer Cheese Dip

Pretzel Dog Bites -

GREEN 42, GREEN 42, WEASEL, WEASEL, LITTLE BUNNY FUFU…OMAHA! Whatever the heck that means.  Does anyone understand what these quarterbacks are talking before the snap? Mind you this is a rhetorical question, because honestly I kind of don’t care.  When I watch football it is usually by accident.  Either because OB is watching and I… 

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July 4th Eats

Basil & Mint Melon Salad

I had plans, but sometimes the best laid plans don’t materialize.  Life gets in the way. Stupid life messing with my plans.  The nerve of  life!  What does life think, it’s the center of the universe or something? Yeah, so I had plans to do this awesome 4th of July spread/post.  I was going to… 

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