20 Hours and 1,194 Miles


Last week the program director called the entire school into the restaurant for an announcement, of course when the “big dog” calls everyone together for an unexpected announcement the worst is expected.  Luckily enough it turned out to be good news…no, it was great news.  Our director informed us that the program was moving to… 

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Practice Makes Perfect

Did you know that the best way to start a wedding rehearsal is to rehearse it backward.  Not walk backwards…silly!  Start with everyone lined up at the front, practice walking out and then practice coming back in and lining up again.  Follow?  Do you know what the bride can expect of her bridesmaids during a… 

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Minty Fresh Bride

Hopefully from here on, my life will resume some normalcy and I will be back in the kitchen this weekend.   The holidays were busy, then we had a Susan come to visit and a few short days after she left Obed and I had to head out for Rebecca and Jerry’s wedding.  Almost as soon… 

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Off to Sunny Florida


Actually I have been told it may not be so sunny when we get their.  Apparently they are expecting rain for the next week. We are fly out tomorrow morning to Florida to visit family and go to the beach.  Ahhh how I miss the beach.  I will be toting my camera and laptop with… 

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