Rosted Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Sauce


During the week the my computer was on the fritz I still cooked…..I mean we still had to eat, I don’t only make food to post on this site. ūüėĬ† This was one of the dishes that I made that week.¬† Off the bat it just looks like spaghetti and marinara, but don’t let this… 

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Creamy Angel Hair Carbonara with Chicken


Now I do not usually do step-by-step¬†photos of my cooking, and don’t expect this to be a regular thing, because it is very time consuming.¬† I¬†read some blogs that practically, every post has step-by-step photos, and they post almost daily.¬† Some of these¬†bloggers have children and they still¬†do step-by-step photos. (Pioneer Woman, Kayotic Kitchen, The… 

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